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As you may or may not know, I am a September 2013 grad of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In this year-long program, I learned over 100 different dietary theories taught by renowned professionals within the health and wellness industry.


The beauty of IIN is that it’s a curriculum that can be easily integrated into anyone’s life. The coursework is all attainable through your Apple device and it’s encouraged to take the material at your own pace. Integrative Nutrition differs from any other nutrition program on the planet because it’s taught in real time. The examples are all relatable and presented in a format that’s able to be understood in a simple manner.

IIN also preaches the concept of bioindividuality (one person’s food may be another person’s poison) and links not only what you eat but who you share your company with as the drives behind achieving a purer, healthier lifestyle.

During the course of my time with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I was able to:

  • increase my energy
  • discover juicing as a cure for my skin and hormonal issues
  • harness my inner go-getter
  • declutter and reorganize my relationships
  • learn about GMO’s and their effects on humans/nature
  • network with like-minded individuals
  • prioritize my several focuses into smaller chunks
  • seek the benefits of meditation
  • listen to my body’s needs VS. my mind’s wants
  • eat with the seasons (ayurvedic principle)


to not let MYSELF get in the way of MYSELF. The only obstacle you ever have to worry about in life is YOURSELF. You create your own reality whether it be filled with clarity and amicability or pollution and violence. 

Think it. See it. Do it. 


If you’d like to explore the option of consulting me as a health coach, you may contact me at anytime for a free health history consultation or with any other questions you may have. 

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  1. LOVE this new page!! 🙂 I’m so proud and happy for you! I hope to learn loads from you!

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