Cure your every day “ugh, It’s Monday” groans with positivity in the form of sweat. Every Monday I will post a 10-minute themed workout focusing on jump starting your metabolism. Always open for tweets with any questions, so use hashtag #MotivationalMondays with my twitter handle: @cdean17.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a certified fitness specialist or doctor. The majority of my knowledge is derived from hands-on experience either from magazines or exercise classes. Sweat at your own risk!


Here are my own top workout creations:

“Kick Turkey’s Butt” 
“Balance, Confidence, Discipline.” 
“Cyber Monday” 
“Swagger Jacking” 
“Naughty VS. Nice Sweat” 
“Holiday Hangover” 
“Get Body Rockin” 
“Seven Minutes In Heaven” 
“Body Like An Anaconda” 
“Wish Upon A Star” 
“The Modified Power Hour Workout” 
“Girl Look At That Body…I Workout” 
“Track Star/Bloody Bleachers Workout” 
“Deceitful Exercises”
“Dainty VS. Dirty” 
“Better Than 5 Hour Energy” 
“Run, Forrest, Run!” 
“March Madness Abdominals” 
“Fitting It All In…” 
“May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor” 
“Wake Up Calls” 
“Between The Commercials Workout” 
“You’ll Be Sore Tomorrow” Workout 
“Train Like A Man, Eat Like A Lady”
“The “Countless” Workout” 
“Just Keep Swimming” 
“Under The Boardwalk”
“Three’s A Charm”
“Four Corner’s Workout”
“3,2,1 Workout”
“HIIT The Wall”
“Spooktacular Abs”
“Black Swan Workout”
“Food Baby”
“Stretching Sequences”

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