-Things To Try Thursday- Violent Lips

If you are a Kardashian fan or not- I’m sure you have seen these lip tattoos floating around in publications and television broadcasts lately.

They are called Violent Lips tattoos. From what I discern, they were created by Isabella Haddad and her father. BTW- Isabella is only 14! (I really thought she was 20 when I saw the video tutorial.) I know around me (Northeastern US) Violent Lips are available in Sephora and Ulta stores. They are also available at their website: www.violentlips.com.

They have over a dozen styles/categories to choose from. I watched probably enough YouTube tutorial videos/reviews that I wasted an entire work day. (I really should have made this a v-log, but when your hair takes 50 minutes and you go through 7 outfit changes, it leaves no time for anything.) After all that, I ended up choosing two different sets of the tattoos. They are FDA-approved if that matters to any of you.

The first style was the red cheetah, the second the pink giraffe. I planned the timing of all of this to coincide perfectly with Christmas and New Years. (and maybe an outfit or two.) My sister and I tried them out together so if anything went wrong we’d look like synchronized idiots.

I’ll say it’s definitely a task trying to cut the corners of the guidelines where your lips should be. You have to make an “Ahh” shape with your mouth, then fit tattoo of upper and lower accordingly. It took me meticulous sizing up to finally get it right.

After all measurements and cut-outs are made, you peel off the plastic and place tattoo side on lip. (Start with upper lip first.) Use a small cottonball or cloth to dab in some water and for about 30-40 seconds dab away. Then slowly peel backing off your lips and hopefully you’ll have the perfect lip!

If you didn’t achieve the look you wanted, you can always fill in spaces and gaps with lip liner or lipsticks.

How long do they last? 4-8 hours…I noticed mine start to get that grimey peel off look around 4 hours or so. I was also eating and drinking so that has a huge emphasis. I’d say if you’re going out to a nightclub they may be better for that occasion than a sit-down 5-course italian dinner. (like I had)

A weigh-in on the feel: After you apply, DO NOT rub lips together. I would say wait 10 minutes, then apply a lip balm with your finger over the lip to set the tattoo fully. (Note: Lips will feel extremely dry.)

Suggestion: This is not something to wear as an every day bag or LBD. It’s definitely more of a nightwear/party accessory. If you like attention, then go ahead and flaunt during the day. As for me, I’ll stick with night as I don’t admire the spotlight too much.

Also– Allot at least 20 minutes for your first time applying this. (Be sure to plan for mishaps.) Here’s a bonus: they include three applications with your purchase of each kind of tattoo, so no worries if you do mess up.

P.S.S.– I am not a beauty buff at all. I tend to go au naturale when it comes to anything that requires getting a little messy. I am 100% real so I always have a panic over looking fake and cakey. I only wear make-up for special occasions and when I do, the lip gloss is my best friend. Not a colored lipstick gal, but these tattoos simulate color. May have to delve into that beauty sector for once!

The red and pink colors are so glam for Valentine’s Day. Channel your inner Marilyn vixen with Violent Lips! www.violentlips.com!

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