*EAT LIKE ME*- January 3- Homemade French Onion Chickpea Soup

Still extremely under the weather but I have green tea to thank as an auxiliary energy power reserve. It’s what enabled me to actually get up and go to the kitchen to prepare this. #missindependent

Okay so this is super easy to make:

1. Heat saucepan on low and add chicken broth (or whichever broth you’d prefer) I had some organic free-range chicken broth on hand.

2. Slice one-two small spanish onions (can be any kind- I like these because they you less craving mints for your breath after.)

3. Grab a can of chickpeas. Drain. Pour in about 1/4 of a cup.

4. One clove garlic- minced.

4. Stir occassionally for about 5-7 minutes.

5. Pour soup into bowl. Top with cheese. (I used shredded colby jack, but I know most recipes use gruyere.) I also mixed in the cheese since I didn’t feel like broiling it. (Traditional recipes call for placing slices of cheese on top and broiling as you may know.)

6. Serve to your sick self!
This soup took me about 10 minutes to make including the prep work. A definite thumbs up. Put into your work thermos! Great balance of protein and fats!

All I have really been eating is soup. Got any good recipes? Send ’em my way!

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