True Life: I Self-Medicate

Every year I feel cold/flu season creeps up on us earlier and earlier. Maybe that’s because harping is one of the traits I’ve inherited from my mother. Always complaining about how time passes to fast, seasons aren’t long enough, and sickness seems to never relent.

This year I’m taking a dose of positive medicine and just chalking up sickness to be plain old sickness. It’s no one‘s fault. Germs exist. People exist. Immune systems become compromised. Mucus fills the lungs and you are a full-blown Z-Pak junkie.

With the era of superbugs and the like upon us, it seems docs are letting our own immune systems fight the battle naturally with our own antibodies and other defenses. To prescribe an antibiotic I find it almost takes a bribe with the incentive of a beach vacation these days.

I know it’s probably frowned upon by every pharmaceutical company out there, but I keep a stockpile of antibiotics for when I’m sick. (Don’t tell Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfizer, or Merck.) (Even if the expiration goes, I will still use it. FYI– it’s just another way to increase their profits by having you to purchase more.)

And no, I don’t have a homie pharma-guy I go to for these antibiotics. These were mainly from when I only needed a few days worth and they gave me surplus just in case. The oldest ones I have are from 2009 and I have to say they still have the same effect they did back then.

I rarely get sick. I don’t catch colds. I usually just am knocked out of commission for up to a week during the winter months. (a.k.a.- right now) It’s usually a respiratory disease and then I scoff down some antibiotics, green tea, Vitamin C, and cough drops and I’m a fighting soldier again.

I am a twenty-four year old like many others with limited to no health insurance depending on where I go, so it’s important I keep back-ups around for when I really need them.

*NOTE*– I am an advocate of all things natural and letting your immune system take care of itself. (i.e.- the neanderthals did it, why can’t we?) But…it’s also a different world. Germs have manifested and evolved into fatal diseases and therefore we need to arm ourselves properly. I do take trips to the doctor, but there is truth in “you know your own body better than anyone else”, so when I feel that familiar sickness returning, I know it’s time to self-medicate. I don’t urge any of you to do it this way, (although I know many people who do). If your symptoms of sickness persist for more than 5 days after all of your pre-emptive measures, then definitely use your petty cash and see a healthcare professional. 

My question to all of you…do you believe in 100% natural healing during sickness or seek professional advice? Maybe a little of both? Hypochondriac? In denial? Mind over matter? What’s your method to combatting illness?

Peace, love, and immunity!


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