#MotivationalMondays- Body Rock Is In The House Today

Happy New Year! Shed your 2011 skin and dive into a tall glass of peace, posterity, and positivity!

Since it’s the beginning of the new, I figured why not offer up some NEW workouts from outside sources. This fitness blog- Bodyrock.tv, has some pretty intense exercises. They usually have a themed workout almost every day, so be sure to check back in with them from time to time if you like this one. (PS- Although the thumbnail resembles a porn, I assure you it’s not, so please click play!) Pros: 12 minutes long, NO equipment

Here is a link to the exact moves/instructions for this workout: http://www.bodyrock.tv/2011/05/23/run-the-world-workout/

See my Self magazine inspired, “Eat Like Me” breakfast for today to go along with this post. I will be posting one to three of my meals per day for the whole month of January to add inspiration and variety into your healthy lifestyles.

Invest in the most lucrative investments on the face of the planet…yourself and your health! You can do it!

Peace, love, and no butts about it!


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