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I am by no means a P.E.T.A. unshowered veganist, but I do have a softie spot in my heart for animals. Contrary to how much I complain about the scare factor associated with bears and other beasts, I would never order to have them harmed in any way.

A little over a month ago, I decided to try a new cereal. (I’m not the biggest fan as most is just artificial sugar hiding behind cleverly worded packaging.) I poured my Barbara’s Puffins Cinnamon cereal into a bowl and then proceeded to read the back panel as I do with all boxes.

This time there wasn’t a Kellogg’s game or a Box Tops For Education ad. A cute six inch picture of what appeared to be the fusion of a toucan and a penguin was adorned onto this box. This small animal is called a Puffin. I chuckled and honestly thought it was a means of advertising an environmentally friendly cereal until I read the facts.

Puffin facts:

1- 10 inches tall (equivalent to a quart of milk)

2- Spend most of their lives in the ocean

3- Live up to 20 years

4- There are many different species of Puffins- unfortunately many are endangered

5- Can carry 20+ fish in their beaks

6- Fly up to 55+ mph

7- This is the greatest- You can adopt them!

Here is the websitehttp://projectpuffin.org/adoptapuffin.html for about $100 you can adopt a Puffin and ensure its taken taken care of and not in harm’s way. It’s also a tax write-off and if I haven’t sold you by now, how cute are these little guys?

Peace, love, and puffins!


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