“Embrace Your Body Parts Day”- Best VS. Worst + Improvements

Apropos being that this week is recovery after all that festive eating, but I figured it’s a step in the right direction towards the New Year.

Ok, I’ll go first. My favorite body part(s) right now are my legs. I love the shape of them and how well they look in high heels. I definitely work them the most out of any other part on my body.

What’s my worst body part(s)? First off- I am not too keen on my nose. I think it belongs on a 60 year old man with chronic rhinitis- however, I’ve realized make-up can work wonders and I will not consider going under the knife to achieve perfection.

Body parts that are capable of being transformed: my midsection and arms. No matter what I do my midsection will never have that awesome hourglass shape. It’s very boy-ish and since I’m high-waisted it looks even worse. I try to flatter with belts and rouching. My arms– they are a flabbergasted mess. It’s the typical if I do my Miss America wave, then a second wave from my triceps comes along when I raise my arm. I’m probably the only one who takes note, but it’s very bothersome.

What can I do to remedy the situation? I do my best to work them out and always know there is hope and room for improvement. Even the perfectionist in me understands that the ideal body exists in fairytale. (Tricep kickbacks, chair dips, and tricep push-ups are the best exercises for these muscles. Also- in order to achieve the perfect tricep, you must gain the perfect bicep. You need to work both in order to see equal results. For biceps, preacher curls and body bar exercises work well for me.)

Ding ding ding. Time’s up. Now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite body part? Seriously, no matter how big or small you are, go take a gander in the mirror and decide. Put the positive first, then shell out the negative. Remember to say aloud how you would go about correcting the body part you aren’t very fond of.

Whoa. Did I just break your “I don’t start resolutions until Jan. 1 resolution?” There’s a first for everything. Treat every day like it’s a New Year. šŸ™‚

P.S.– Although it sounds like a sponsored post by Nivea, this is all entirely my own doing. This is also not gender biased. So please, men, participate in this exercise as well!

Peace, love, and the power of positive thinking!


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