Sharing Is Caring: My Fridge Is Your Fridge

No one asked for this to be shared……… but I felt like a celebrity on an episode of CRIBS today. I opened my fridge and thought if someone ambushed my house right now including the fridge would I hide behind the package of Little Debbie’s or confront the reality of it all.

To be quite frank, since I still am shackled and chained at home, my fridge isn’t really “my fridge.” In actuality, what I “own” consists of the bottom produce drawer. Occasionally 1/4 of a side condiment storage shelf. I cook for one, so it’s not a complete burden. However, I do not like the fact that I am unable to store my meats and/or breads without encountering a daily struggle with the drawer. I have tried several different kinds of rearranging and general overhaul, but there is no coaxing a produce drawer which is pre-conditioned to store only produce.

So here are a few pictures of what exactly is in that produce turned everything storage drawer. (It’s actually quite barren right now.)

PS- I also have an entire Victorian style box residing underneath my room desk full of non-perishables. It’s pretty keen on accepting all things Trader Joe’s and organic as you can see.

Shocked you have not seen a chocolate stash as of yet? Saved the best for last…

My version of Helga Pataki‘s shrine of “football head”. (Ooooof, I am dating myself.)

My current coffee/tea collection:





So what’s in your fridge? I shared mine, you share yours. I’ll only bite if it looks good.

Peace, love, and baring it all!


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One Response to Sharing Is Caring: My Fridge Is Your Fridge

  1. right now my fridge is boring. kale, cucumbers, cranberries, hummus and pink lady apples but my chocolate stash is AWESOME:
    all of the following are dark chocolate because I’m clearly addicted: pb cups, sea salt caramel, lavender blueberry and gingerbread toffee!

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