-Things To Try Thursdays- Rienzi Balsamic w/ Apple Pulp

I love balsamic. There is something about that tangy, watery eye after taste that just gets me craving vats of salad with this dressing sprinkled over top. Recently I’ve fallen into a pleateau pulpit with my usual salad dressings, so I decided to take a walk down the aisle of condiments and dressings. I generally avoid this aisle at all costs because hydrogenated oils and other synthetic materials run rampant here. This is the one aisle you should make believe does not exist. But anyway- I ventured down and found this vampire-esque bottle of balsamic dressing by Rienzi. It also is made with apple pulp. I’m currently on a sweet week craving, so I figured why not?

By the time I got home my jones for this dressing was so big, I had forgotten about my other half of groceries in the car. I quickly took out my salad, can of chickpeas, parmesan cheese and began to salad spin away. I then added this new godsend of a dressing. (which I swear had a halo neatly lining its perimeter)

I sat down and tasted perfection. I think I know what it’s like to have a natural acid trip. All I saw was lettuce and dressing that tasted like heaven. Since four days ago, I have also used it on chicken, steak, and of course salads. I am also thinking about dabbling with a low-cal version of panna cotta and using this as one of the bases, so let’s hope it’s simply yum!

The Rienzi Balsamic w/Apple Pulp is about $5 per bottle, but you can really taste the difference compared to all those other uppity dressings. Even if you don’t like balsamic, I urge you to try!

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