The Bruce Almighty of Antioxidants: Tea

Coffee OR Tea? If today was your last day on earth which cup would you choose? They are both nice catches. Both provide caffeine and sweetness. Both are capable of warming you up. Both can have you addicted after one pass over the lips.

Everyone claims coffee is the real crowd pleaser for how alert it makes us feel, but tea fairs just as well. I was always an avid tea drinker until a few months ago and now I too have joined the filled to capacity coffee bandwagon.

Getting back to tea…it is available for purchase and consumption everywhere. For some reason, in my opinion it still bears a class stigma. I feel as though the British and the Boston tea party really flushed everything down the tubes for this little guy. (Excuse the personification)… Males are trained early on to believe it’s only acceptable to have when your daughter has a stuffed animal tea party. Women definitely take the cake for drinking tea, but let’s not make this a venus vs. mars debate.

America is all about the instant gratification fast track to success, so obviously advertising connoisseurs have been quick to cash in. Ok, may hold true for coffee, but in tea’s case, where’s the beef?

I have noticed not very many commercials highlighting the greatness that is coffee’s cousin. In actuality, many of us should drink tea more often as it contains almost as many antioxidants as fruits and vegetables. There is also no caffeine crash involved, as it’s far less potent than coffee. It’s a liquid, meaning it’s able to absorbed by your body that much quicker, enabling proper function for all parts.

So let’s go and dissect a tea. I’m partial to green. On any given cold day, I aim to have at least 1-3 cups. Why? Well first, I oddly crave the taste. (how mother goose of me) Second, it
contains catechins and other antioxidants which may benefit the body in weight loss and immunity towards viruses/certain bacterias. Third, studies have shown it improves brain function and may also lower cholesterol. You can also exercise your reuse and recycle abilities after using a green tea bag. Place on eyes to reduce wrinkles or dark circles. I won’t go into the science behind it all, but just know when reaching for a tea this is the “ancient warrior”. As the Chinese people as its witness, it has been around the block more times than Jenny has.

Sidetrack***All Hail Tea, Mother Nature’s Antidote: I also can attest to the power of tea. This past weekend felt like I had been hit by a bus. One minute I was taking in the holiday windows at the mall, the next felt like an earthquake. I was lightheaded, nauseous, and my throat was aching. Uh oh, flu? was the first thought to creep into my mind. On the ride home I stopped and purchased a venti Joy tea from Starbucks. I drank the entire thing and went to sleep for 3 hours after. I woke up and my symptoms were gone. I also figured out these were the beginning stages of my reoccurring ear infection…yet again. The point is: tea is miraculous. I felt like Moses after my symptoms were no more. I attribute my speedy recovery to the antioxidants and spices contained within the tea.

If you’re privy to a restless sleep, you could also try Chamomile tea. I love Twinings Green Apple Chamomile. It has a soothing smell and acts like a sleep aide within just one cup. Here’s a little extra benefit: have one cup after a night of drinking before you sleep, and in the morning, little to no hangover!

Looking for a “meet me in the middle” solution? Pour yourself some chai. I prefer loose teas in general (as I know they won’t be subject to artificial flavorings or genetic enhancements).  Chai is the sultry jazz singer of the tea clan. Infused with spices and typically paired with milk, this brings together the boldness of coffee with the subtly of tea. It contains slightly less amounts of caffeine, helps with digestion, stabilizes blood sugars, and may even act as an anti-inflammatory. *Quick tip*– It makes for a wonderfully natural scent inside the home. Put some loose clippings in a bowl and let the aroma infiltrate your home.

There are thousands upon thousands of teas out there, I just named a few of my favorites above. Tea is able to be manipulated in any way, shape, or form you’d like. Just make sure you take the time to give a nod to its healing capabilities.

Brands which don’t uphold tea’s power: Lipton, any dollar store brand teas, Snapple, and Bigelow (unless it’s organic)

Stockpile these brands: Stash, Celestial Seasonings, Yogi, Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Twinings, Tazo, Numi, and Traditional Medicinals.

So are you a fast-paced, knee-slapper, Jim Carrey kind of tea or a delicate Drew Barrymore kind of tea?

Peace, love, and tea!


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