No-Bake Banana Maca Cookie

When the words “life” and “changing” are said together, it induces a wide-eyed, salivating need to know more kind of reaction. At least for me…especially when anything food related is involved!

So I love bananas and I love cookies and I love being healthy. All three of these things do not jive well together most of the time…until YESTERDAY!

…When I found out that banana flour exists! (AHHH!) and cookies can actually be gluten free and finally taste good!

Home Goods, I have to thank you for enticing me with your wall of artisanal spices, coffees, colors and trendy items. This area of Home Goods is always a undeniable magnet for me!

Just a little side note- if you are trying to understand how bananas could be ground into flour, you are not alone. Basically, bananas are thrown into a boiling pot of water, then cooled, then dried and then ground. From my research online, I have learned that manufacturers use green bananas (unripe bananas) for the powder. It’s less in sugar because these babies aren’t as ripe and the flavor isn’t as strong as when they are super ripe (yellow).

So here’s the details on how it was created…


-28g. or one serving of banana flour
-32g. or one serving of almond butter
-splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
-drizzle of agave to taste

Mix all ingredients well and place in microwave for 1-2 minutes until desired hardness of cookie is achieved. I recommend 1.5 minutes for softer! Don’t let it go too long otherwise it could burn!

I topped this cookie with 5g. of maca powder and a sprinkle of some instant Cafe Bustelo!

What are your favorite kinds of cookies?
Have you tried banana flour before?

Peace, love and YUM!


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