Tips To Stay Warm & Healthy During the Winter

I’ll be honest…winter is my least favorite season. Growing up in a small town full of mountains really made me want to eradicate winter forever and skip straight to summer and summer only.


It wasn’t just the cold, snow and seven layers that convinced me of this…it was the ongoing sickness.

As a child, I was sick at least twice a month with some form of respiratory illness or virus during the winter.

My parents would give me vitamins and I’d eat semi-healthy, but was just super prone to catching anything going around.

As I got older, and once I finally moved out, I was able to finally control the sickness during the colder months.

Here are my top tips for maintaining health during the winter:

1) Fluids

These aren’t your typical water and OJ…

-Green Tea, Honey & Lemon: The ingredients in green tea ward off lots of cold and flu symptoms…even before they start! If you add honey and lemon in you get even more benefit because they contain antibacterial agents which also help fight off viruses and bacteria!


-Kombucha: A fermented tea! You can make your own or just run to your local health food store and grab a bottle (my preference)- Kombucha starts the healing/defending process from the gut outward by introducing probiotics into your system. This is said to be where viruses/bacteria may originate so it’s best to start with a healthy gut first!

2) Foods

-Greens: Any kinds of leafy greens contains tons of vitamins and minerals helpful in keeping your immune system in tip top shape! My favorites are spinach, kale and bok choy!

3) Spices

-Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon: By throwing a little one of each of these spices into a dish your again doing your body justice. I season lots of my sauteed or baked veggies with these and typically don’t need any other seasonings or condiments! These are wonderful detoxers for our bodies and also help greatly to clear up your sinuses when you’re congested!

4) Exercise


-HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training– You’ve heard it before but I’ll say it again: exercise is so important! Especially during the winter months when we tend to hibernate and laze around. Try adding in some high intensity workouts into your life- it will also help increase the amount of antibodies to fight off germs and bacteria!

5) Supplements

-Vitamin D3: Beneficial for our bones, energy and immunity! Take a capsule of 1000-5000 iu per day


-Fish Oil: Another great one for bone/joint health and immunity! Liquid forms are best!

If all else fails and you do fall ill, wait it out for a day or two if you can! If symptoms worsen, then definitely find a local doctor on! It’s a convenient site that allows you to match your needs (location, insurance, symptoms) with the appropriate doctor.

My results from searching for "ear, nose, throat" doctors

My results from searching for “ear, nose, throat” doctors

What do you do to ensure your health during the colder months?

Peace, love and immunity!


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