Homemade Apple Chips

During this time of year and all the loveliness fall brings, I usually notice an oversaturation of pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice lattes, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin mashed potatoes…you can go on until your “orange” in the face…

While I will admit I am a part of the pumpkin loving onslaught (I have a board on pinterest named “All Hail Pumpkin”), I do love apples as well.

Besides apple pies and apple picking, I hardly see anything apple advertised during this time of year. Is it because apples are year-round staples and pumpkins really are not?

Whatever the case may be, I gave apples some cred in my kitchen a few weeks ago.

I went apple picking (of course!) and since I’m not a pie gal, I decided to make apple chips instead using a simple recipe I found on www.jaysbeef.com.

Apple chips are super duper easy to make. These only took about 5 minutes to prep!


All you need is:

-Macintosh apples
-Pumpkin Pie Spice
-Coconut Oil Spray (or other cooking spray)


All I did was thinly slice the apples…yes I realize the mandoline slicer could have come to my rescue…and then spray with the coconut oil and sprinkle pumpkin pie spice over top.

I baked at 200 degrees for 2 hours…During 2nd hour…flip the chips over so both sides are equally cooked!

Mine came out almost chip-like…I don’t like mine too rock hard, so I took them out about a half hour before the 2nd hour was up.

These will store in an airtight container for up to three days.

So delish and super healthy!

What’s your favorite fall dish?

Peace, love and apples!


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