Five Snacks That Put You On The Dietary Sideline

As much as we all can admit the holidays are when the most dietary temptations occur, the summer months of June & July are also a time of unbridled indulgence.


With the onset of commencements, dance recitals, end of the year celebrations, and summer BBQ’s all of those days combined can turn into a big, fat muffin top…an unwanted accessory for summer. So bye, bye to bathingsuits!

I’ve personally had this experience- during my school aged days it seemed the entire month of June was one giant cheat meal. Of course when you’re young it doesn’t affect you as much. But by the time you graduate college (if you’re like me and gained 20+ pounds), you try to limit your food and beverage intake at social gatherings.


Food is viewed as more of a social aspect than just for the sole purpose of survival or weight loss. We use food as solace from our every day world instead of treating it as a basic need…which in my opinion, is completely justified within moderation. I mean I don’t think I would’ve liked to live in a world way back when without Chipotle, would you?

The following foods/snacks are the ones I have found to be most detrimental to weight loss:

1. Fruit- While it’s all natural sugar…it’s still sugar. And anything in excess isn’t necessarily good for us. I always say stack your fruit first thing in the morning on an empty stomach…and MEASURE it out!

2. Processed Carbs- This is an obvious one. Anything like granola bars, English muffins, cereals, chips, etc. Replace one of these with a protein like a hard boiled egg with a small handful of nuts to keep you in check.

3. Sugary beverages. Anything like fruit juice, soda, sweetened coffee, or even cold-pressed juices. You may think because they are not foods they do not have as much of an affect on you. You can actually drink your sugar and carbs for the day in just one serving of any standard juice or soda. I suggest replacing with fruit-infused water, seltzer, or kombucha.

4. Nut Butters- I know, I know these are supposed to be super healthy for you. The problem is most people do not measure out their serving sizes, so they end up consuming more than they should. I recommend having half an avocado if you have a tendency to “go nuts” in this department.

5. Coffee. If you drink it black or with a zero-calorie sweetener like Stevia/Sweet N Low, you usually can get away with it. However, most people order full-fat lattes which have tons of sugar, cream and extra calories.



What are your dietary weaknesses?

Peace, love and dietary moderation!



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