Meal Prep 101

You may have been wondering where I have been while on a blogging hiatus for the past *gasp* nearly 3 months. Since embarking on a few new ventures, I have had to plan out every single meal of the day.

Before this past January, I was able to prepare my meals fresh at home every day, which actually led to a lot of dietary downfalls.

I have never been considered a snacker, but I found myself chowing down on tons of nut butters, greek yogurt and other general kinds of “healthy” snacks. This led to a lot of belly bulge, overworking myself in the gym and blaming my age for my weight.

Obviously this was all my fault and I had to stop living in denial.

Near the end of December I started to research ideas for preparing my meals ahead of time on pinterest, and youtube.

I was able to compile a lengthy list of recipes and tips to really get myself back on track.

The following has helped me tremendously:

1) Invest in a set of tupperware containers. I got mine from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $20 and it came with 20 pieces for food storage in a variety of sizes.

3 oz. of chicken, 40 g. brown rice pasta and unlimited mushrooms and spinach in each container with a sprinkle of parmesan

3 oz. of chicken, 40 g. brown rice pasta and unlimited mushrooms and spinach in each container with a sprinkle of parmesan

2) Measure out your portions. Regardless of how healthy you may think you’re eating, if you are eating over your portion sizes, you could be ruining all your hard work. I use a food scale so I have the exact number of ounces or grams per meal.



3) Protein, protein, protein. In order to ensure you won’t be hungry until your next meal, protein is KEY. Make sure you are including an equal amount of healthy fats, carbs and protein. It also wouldn’t hurt to try and eat something with a little more fiber as well.

4) DO NOT SNACK. Like I have explained earlier, if you snack it will throw you off. Even the tiniest bit of snacking over just a couple of days can really set you back.

5) Drink your water. I know getting in an adequate amount of water is difficult but you will be surprised once you notice how energized and refreshed you feel. Increasing your water intake will also help you stave off cravings after a while. I use a 32 oz. bottle and refill about 2X throughout the course of my day. You can also add fruit or lemon/lime to spice things up as well.

6) Keep low or no-calorie satisfying noshables by your side throughout the day. I usually have a few lifesavers hanging around, but make sure you don’t OD. 4 mints equal 60 calories and 14 carbs, which can really add up if you’re popping them like candy. Another option is herbal tea. There are TONS of different herbal teas out there which are made with no harsh chemicals and taste delightful. My current favorites are: Harney & Sons (Green Tea & Coconut)

I know it’s a pain in the A but carrying around all my meals is absolutely vital to my success. When I was training for my photoshoot a few years ago, this is the ONLY way I was able to achieve the look and feel I desired.

A sample of some of my vegetarian meals in the past...

A sample of some of my vegetarian meals in the past…

Your results depend entirely on yourself. Now is not the time to be making excuses!

I’ll post a few samples of my simple meals for my prep next week. While I don’t blog as much as I used to anymore, I highly encourage you to follow me on instagram for daily meal inspiration and healthy living tips! (@cdean17)

Peace, love and meal prep: it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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