Runcap: Run 10, Feed 10

Yes, I did it!


I have had the habit of in the past saying I would commit to something but never following through. It has happened quite often with my fitness goals. Becoming injured has been a very real and legitimate excuse most of the time.

As you may know, I was obsessed with training for a bodybuilding competition a while back. I had made my workout and eating plans up, stuck to them and about halfway through both times injured myself.

It completely disheartened me and left me with a complete lack of motivation. It also left me with those awful voices of comparison. (so and so can do this, so why can’t I?) I also do not include I CAN’T in my vocabulary.

Well there’s obvious times you must cease the current goal you are working towards. Injuries are no lazy excuse.

After healing up for a few months, I decided in July that I would begin training for my first 10K and first race ever!

It was a daunting challenge as I mostly did no more than 3 miles every once in a while.

I followed their training plan in the beginning but then was becoming too exhausted and sore to increase my weekly mileage.

So, I scaled back to two runs per week: one lower mileage run (2-3 miles) in the beginning of the week, one longer distance run (4-5 miles) towards the end of the week.

I had improved results by scaling back this way.

I only had completed a full 6.2 miles twice before actually running the race. Both times it was incredibly humid and trying on some pretty steep inclines!

I was definitely proud of myself. It completely boosted my confidence just knowing I would be able to pull myself through the race.

Two days before race day, I began to go into panic mode.

I could not sleep properly due to the anticipation and excitement.

Once 400 AM came around on Sunday, September 21st, I was in full adrenaline gear.

My boyfriend and I literally bolted out the door and arrived super early for the race. I was still super jittery even though we had enough time to make it there.

The race was held on the West Side Highway paralleling the Hudson River. The views were an added benefit and welcomed distraction.

I began at a 9:45 pace for the first two miles and then I held a steady 10:00 after. (This was impressive enough for me!)


I only stopped once. Mile 5 for water. (Another amazing grace!)

The run did not seem as long as I though it would. I PR-ed and finished in 1:07! That’s a huge improvement from my 1:30 it was taking me previously. I also believe the flat terrain was the reason.

I was proud, proud, proud of myself. On top of the humidity and early waking hours, I also had a severe case of PMS. (seriously, when do I not?) It makes running with a chest that much worse. I wore two bras because I knew I would NOT be able to stand the pain without some kind of shelf security.


My boyfriend finished in an hour. I am super duper proud of him too!

Afterwards we hit up a few of the tents for some goodies, but we were so exhausted we only stayed for a little while.

That night I slept like a baby. I was so elated that I was able to accomplish something like this. I was never a runner before. This has only added fuel to the running race fire…I want to do another…:)

What was your first race like? Did you enjoy it?

Peace, love and firsts!


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