Things To Try Thursdays- Barre Classes

Boutique fitness classes seem to be just as prevalent as chain coffee shops these days. On every corner there is a Starbucks, I can guarantee you not too far away is a spin/yoga/barre/crossfit studio.

Studio classes outweigh standard gym classes in two ways…price and quality. You will pay Ritz Carlton prices but the ultimate results are worth the expense.

I have been an avid gym go-er for years. In and out of YMCA’s, Retro fitness, Crunch and Snap Fitness. Every gym was unique but most of the time the classes lacked any kind of professionalism.

By professionism, I mean tact and care. There was no “bedside manner” if you will. The instructor did not correct your form and while you may be his/her friend outside of the class, inside they do not do their jobs appropriately.

I’m not saying I like to be put on the spot or pointed out of the crowd as doing something wrong during a fitness class. I definitely was one of the shy kids in school.

I do appreciate proper form being shown and corrected on those who take classes. It seems like the standard gym which includes x, y, and z amenities in the price allow the members to suffer in ways such as this.

After taking a few boutique classes outside of my regular gym, I have completely changed my point of view on exercise.

Exercise requires your motivation plus your effort. I’m one of the lucky, crazy ones who was blessed with both. I love seeing results and that’s my motivation.

However, recently I had been taking so many classes at my local YMCA that it overwhelmed my body. I became completely inflamed and my muscles were no longer lean and toned. I really disliked the way my body was beginning to look.

About two months ago, a local Athleta opened up in the mall over here.

To celebrate their first month here, they had yoga/zumba classes every week and also a barre class at a local studio.

I signed up for the yoga and barre classes. Loved them both to death!


The instructors displayed care and dedication to every single participant. These were free classes opened to the public. It really comforted me and allowed me to get the most out of the workouts.

My absolute favorite was the barre class. If you are not yet familiar, barre is similar to ballet. You perform small movements with very light weights in the beginning. You also go through a series of stretches and strengthening exercises at the barre and then lastly go to the mat for floor/ab work.

The instructor constantly has her eyes on you the entire time. She calls out everyone’s name who she sees is performing exercises improperly. She comes over and corrects your form manually.


It’s a really amazing experience. It’s been very beneficial to my poor joints which take a beating from all that running on pavement I do. I began seeing some results in just about 3 classes. 🙂

I highly recommend barre classes if…

1) you are a NEW client (they often will give you a giant discount if so) — my first month was only $75/unlimited classes

2) you enjoy small, controlled movements (not great for those who seek a high from tons of sweating or jumping)

3) you have joint problems (very soothing/low impact)

4) you’re looking to switch up your workouts

5) weight training by yourself is NOT working for you

6) you can commit to at least 3-5 times per week

On days that I do not attend barre classes, I either run/yoga or pilates. I took the weight training days completely out of my training schedule because it was too exhausting for my body. I think it’s best to just focus on barre for the first month, so you don’t burn yourself out with other activities.


Have you ever tried a boutique fitness class? What was your experience?

Peace, love and barre!


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