I’m NOT Half Crazy…YET

Everyone has a little bit of crazy in them. Whether it’s pouring a bucket of ice water over your head for a good cause or eating an entire loaf of amazingly soft bread (yes, unashamedly ME!) instead of finishing off a handle of vodka. To each his own…

As you may or may not know, I’m always up for a challenge. I cannot just work out for the sake of working out. I know it’s great for me but the whole purpose becomes like a boring office job. Do I ever want my life compared to an office? No. The only cube life I want to experience is in the form of an iced beverage.

As for the challenge part, I have decided to actually SIGN UP for a 10K. That means live running with other people, race numbers, packet pick ups and times.

For a while I have been running solo and to be honest it can also be filed away under “boring office job”. Leading up to my runs is always a huge surge of energy but when I’m actually doing it, there’s zero exhilaration.

I’m registered for the Women’s Health Run 10, Feed 10 race in NYC this September. I have also recruited my boyfriend as my race buddy. This will be my FIRST EVER OFFICIAL race. Take that, boring workouts!

As for training, I have been following the awesome training plan provided by Women’s Health and for the most part sticking to it!

I’ll have you know the furthest I have ever run is about 4 miles..so indeed this will be a challenge. If I master this…maybe I’ll actually be able to qualify for a half crazy marathon! :0

The only thing missing now are my kicks of choice…I have about 3 different pairs of sneaks (Saucony, Reebok, Mizuno) I rotate around with…but they are all getting pretty worn, so maybe I should splurge for a new pair.

I’ve been searching for a great pair of running sneakers for about a month now, so clearly I am indecisive.

These are my new babies:



Peace, love and challenge yourself!


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