Five Signs Your Workout Isn’t Working Out

As much as I would not like to admit it, I’m a fitness-endorphin filled fiend.

If I don’t squeeze in a sweaty, sore, killer (insert any other badass word here) workout in per day, anxiety sets in.

My mind is automatically consumed with a giant picture of me as an ice cream cone with a muffin top. It doesn’t matter if I have eaten clean or not. Those endorphins really have a tendency to mess with my head.

Since I have been attempting to train super hard for a bikini competition, I’ve failed to realize I am human and not a bionic woman, as I so wish I was.

This is NOT the first time. I’ve had two prior injuiries due to my stubborn regime. It still could not cease my satiation and uncurable addiction to the proverbial endorphin high.


What I have realized is my endorphin high consists of tons of feeling drab, sore and whiny. If I’m not feeling sore, my brain automatically goes into low-self esteem mode. I feel off kilter and become obsessed with finding a way to quell my anxiety.

Endorphin highs should never consist of any of the above. They should always push you to your limit but never to the point of overexertion.

The past week has been quite a tumutultuous one. I have not been able to get a decent workout in, but since I literally work out nearly every day, I am trying to take a literal breather.

I know I’m not the only one out there who has a serious addiction to fitness, so I figured I’d share with you some warning signs you have crossed your very winded fitness finish line.

1. Constant muscle soreness. This is a huge sign. It’s alright to be sore after a workout, it’s definitely a good thing as it hints at improvement. However, if you are sore after every single workout to the point where you appear as a zombie, let me just say…BACK OFF.


2. Smacking the snooze button. If you’re waking up feeling as though you haven’t had enough sleep, your body is telling you something. Typically, we need more sleep now than ever, especially when it involves physicaly activity. Aim for 8-10 hours.

3. General disdain before your workout. If you are dreading your workout before but appreciate the after affects, I’d say maybe switch up what you’re doing. By switch up, I mean REST. If you’re constantly hitting the gym like I am, you know how important variety is. Take the day off if you’re dragging your feet. The gym and endorphins will still welcome you with open arms tomorrow.

4. Injury. This is obvious. Injuries occur usually because of improper form or overuse. In my case, it’s always due to overuse. Pounding the pavement, all those plyo jump squats and PR’s on the chest press adds up. I know it’s hard to say, but rest is so super important during nursing an injury. Do not attempt to workout the other half of your body like I tried to either. It’ll just make you weaker and delay any progress you once had.


5. Increased irritability. Along with muscle soreness and exhaustion comes general crabbiness. If you find yourself snippy, easily annoyed or increasingly sad you also may want to lay off the exercise.

I highly encourage rest WEEKS. I try to take about 5 days off in a row maybe twice or three times per year just to let my body recover. Just remember to keep your meals in check when doing so!

What’s your thoughts on exercise? Do you pay attention to how your body reacts to it? 

Peace, love and rest!


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