#MotivationalMondays- Bring The Boys To The Yard Workout


My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…and I’m guessing you can finish the rest…

…that Kelis was really onto something with that number, wasn’t she?

While it’s pretty demeaning and degrading towards us women, sometimes you just have to go with songs like that. They reign true with the drooling male species, right?


Over the past month or so, I’ve switched gyms. I graduated from the YMCA family style type workouts to hardcore, masculine, no games, only grunters allowed workout atmosphere. Testosterone in all caps. All the time.

I wasn’t forced into this lifestyle, it was actually a matter of cost. Turns out it’s way cheaper to join the meatheads than to join a family gym…who knew?

Since stepping it up with the “big boys” gym, I’ve begun to adopt a similar type of determined attitude towards my reps and sets. (the grunting and biceps are wearing off on me!)

Since I’m in a committed relationship, I don’t need to worry about bringing the boys to the yard anymore, rather just keeping that one boy in my yard.

If you haven’t guessed, this workout focuses on the chest and the bootay! I structured it based on most of the machines I use in my own gym, so please adapt it to your own if you don’t have access to all the same ones I do.


***Sidenote***–It’s super important to challenge yourself in the gym…don’t just repeat the same exercises you’ve been doing for months over and over again. You must increase your weights, take new classes and switch up your nutrition plan if ever you slump into boredom or plateau. I’m already seeing results from increasing my weights and switching to machines instead of free weights!

What’s your favorite moves to tone the tush and keep those pecs perky?

Peace, love and milkshakes!


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