Spinach Vanilla Whey Protein Pancakes

I’ve crossed over where the grass is green to where the grass is greener with some hay and manure thrown in…

After a few years of living off of plant based protein powders, I decided to test out how my palate would react to whey protein.

Whey protein on right

Whey protein on right

In the past, whey protein has lived up to its stereotype of tasting like chalk. Most of the time it’s artificial in nature and I would rather just avoid it.

Recently, I have been injured. My left foot is out of commission- I think it’s a stress fracture but x-rays show no signs because it’s early. I haven’t been able to run which leads me to cry like a postpartum mom every time I see someone jog past me with vigor.

I’ve had to step up my no impact cardio and tweak my eating habits even more now that I’m not burning the extra calories running.

I decided to incorporate grass fed meat into my diet- usually I do this twice a month but now it’ll be more like twice a week. I’ll continue to be hooked up to my vitamix IV of greens all day every day.

I had the genius idea after coming off of an endorphin high the other night of combining a yin and yang- spinach and whey protein powder!

It’s not unheard of or anything but I’ve never given it a whirl.

I decided to wing it and here’s what I came up with:


The Hulk’s breakfast


-2 handfuls spinach
-2 organic eggs
-2 tbsp. gluten free flour
-2 handfuls unsweetened coconut flakes
-2 scoops vanilla whey protein powder
-1.5 cups unsweetened almond milk
-1 tbsp. pumpkin pie spice


Mix in blender, vitamix, with your pogo stick, etc. until reaching batter like consistency. If you’d like your pancakes fluffier, there’s always the option of adding some greek yogurt into it as well.

*I topped mine with some chia seed, agave, coconut palm sugar and smart balance spread.

It was to die…not chocolate…and not banana…are you surprised?

Yeah, me too.

This recipe makes about 12-24 pancakes depending on the size you wish.

What’s your opinion on whey protein? Have you ever incorporated spinach into your breakfast or post workout meal?

Peace, love and an ode to Hulk!


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2 Responses to Spinach Vanilla Whey Protein Pancakes

  1. Maria @ Lil Mys Ninja says:

    Ugh! Injuries suck!!! Hope it’s getting better by now?!

    • choc3178 says:

      yes, slowly but surely it is. I am still not going full force with running which is killing me but hopefully another few weeks will enable me to heal completely.

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