Too Much of a GREEN Thing

Chocolate. Ice cream. chips. fries. cheeseburgers. We all know these stay within the moderation category when it comes to living, breathing and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

In a utopia, all of us would have Gaga’s butt paired with the eternally thin girl’s metabolism and we’d have seconds of dessert without batting an eyelash.

Gaga is golden.

Gaga is golden.

I try not to obsess over body image and every little morsel I place into my mouth. It’s an archaic way of thinking. So are counting calories and making sure you get X amount of fats compared to Y amount of carbs and proteins per meal. (People who do this can seriously have and wear the anal crown forever.)

Eating a balanced meal is definitely important but I believe once you are aware of the basics which fuel your body, measuring cups and notepads can be pushed to the side.

Since adopting a mainly raw/vegan diet, I have noticed an improvement within my skin and energy. It’s literally like I have shots of espresso without the side effects every day when I juice or consume something mainly green.

While greens have been touted as literally THE THING to eat, I can’t help but think that too much of them are NOT a good thing.


Ever since I began my soirees with juicing and consuming mainly raw meals, I always incorporated spinach as my base. The taste is masked by other ingredients thrown into a smoothie or juice plus all of your daily veggie servings are met all in one shot!

Spinach is a fabulous green to nosh on. It’s chock full of Vitamins K & C which are skin, immune and metabolism boosters. It’s easy to incorporate into smoothies, juices, to saute, or to just consume raw in a salad.

Spinach like many other greens also contains something not labeled on the packaging which is known as oxalic acid. If you aren’t familiar, oxalic acid is a naturally occurring compound found within most fruits and vegetables. Greens are said to have the highest concentrations.

Oxalic acid becomes an issue when consuming too many greens due to it’s function of prohibiting your body to absorb calcium. As we all know, calcium is vital for our bodies. Calcium also works with other minerals within our body which could cause a ripple effect and form an inadequacy within your diet if not repaired early enough.

Side effects of consuming too much oxalic acid usually consist of kidney stones (these typically take years to form) and can also affect your thyroid function. It’s usually more of an issue with those who are vegan/raw/vegetarian than anyone else.


In most cases, as long as you aren’t consuming more than 10 cups of a green per day, your body will utilize all the nutrients being introduced without a problem.

I wouldn’t say completely avoid any particular kind of green but like always, make sure it’s eaten in moderation or cooked to a temperature above 105 degrees. (this disbands the oxalic acid but unfortunately loses the nutritional benefit)

So basically…in my honest opinion, I would still continue to juice your greens or add them into smoothies with other fruits or vegetables. We still need all of the minerals and vitamins contained within the greens!

What’s your favorite green? Are you a greens junkie like I am?

Peace, love, and live your life GREEN!


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