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It’s no secret that I could juice until I’m loose. My instagram feed contains all the evidence you could ever want to accuse me of being a serial juicer.

I cannot even contain my excitement upon waking in the morning. To be greeted by an illustrious Vitamix that shines like The Statue of Liberty on a foggy morning…just oh my gosh. It almost compares to…CHOCOLATE!

So basically I’m 50% fresh veggie juices and 50% dark chocolate squares. I suppose we’re making healthy living progress in between those two.

Days without juicing…I feel like…an assortment of these pictograms…





But alas, I have found an antidote as a pick me up in the form of Organic Avenue.

How did I happen to stumble upon this juicy gem?


Instagram and yelp of course. Seriously, how did we live life like 5 years ago?

My boyfriend and I happened to be in the city for a day trip to the Highline and Chelsea Market which of course turned into a food, food, and more food trip.

NYC is one of my favorite gastronomies to conquer. The options are endless and the creativity of some of these restaurants just cannot be found anywhere else!

So we decided to take a trip into Organic Avenue. (cue trumpets, angels, and all sorts of fountains spewing organic juice…at least that’s how I envisioned it. 😉 )

Upon entering you’re greeted with a bunch of samples. Customer satisfaction is already getting a check plus in my book!

The day we chose to go there were three kinds of juices: watermelon mint, cucumber, & a greens one.

I chose the cucumber and watermelon. (definitely not the least bit shy when it comes to my food/juice samplings)

We walked around and it had the aura of a health shop meets convenience store but in a totally organically awesome way.

There’s a bunch of little refrigeration areas and shelves which have tons of products. All of their foods and juices are made locally- in Brooklyn and are then shipped in every day. (Okay, so tell me again why you’d want to consume a dead cow who has traveled over 3000 miles to your grocery store?)

The boyf grew impatient and extremely ravenous while I perused the dozens of goodies. I was literally hypnotized by all the healthy options!


I ended up going with this organic red juice, kale quinoa salad, a mushroom collard wrap (not pictured) and sweet yam and fennel with quinoa bowl. He got thai collard wraps. Okay, so we know who wears the appetite in this relationship, don’t we? 😉


We went to the Organic Avenue located on the Upper West Side on 82nd and Amsterdam. They have several other NYC locations as well.

We then sat in Central Park (near the dog run) to eat. It was seriously the best lunch I think I’ve ever had. I wasn’t even expecting it either.

Here are my pros about Organic Avenue:

  • variety of healthy options
  • tons of different vendors
  • location
  • fresh, flavorful taste
  • clear label of ingredients
  • friendly, accommodating staff
  • cleanliness
  • these FAB orange bags (that you get for FREE with a purchase) that I take everywhere with me!

Here are my cons about Organic Avenue:

  • price- it cost us almost $45 for just a few things
  • availability in New Jersey (WE HAVE ZERO OF THESE) 🙁

I’d say if you are on the go in NYC one day to give this place a whirl. Even if you walk out with nothing, you can at least go in and get some free samples!

Have you ever tried a healthy juice/convenience shop? What was your experience?

Peace, love, and seriously in love!


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