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“Did you remember to take your vitamins today?” is a standard question that accompanies breakfast which is usually the morning buzzkill (besides dark circles) for the day.

I don’t know about you but I have trust issues with vitamins. I’ve been through them all: Nature Made, One-A-Day, Centrum…

In a society that swallows a pill to lower cholesterol (which can be completely reversed with dietary change, mind you), I have my doubts about vitamins efficacy.

Are they all a marketing scheme or do we really need them?

I began popping v’s about 4 years ago when I first began to take my healthy living journey/weight loss seriously. For a while I bought the standard supermarket brands and was actually quite pleased with their results. (besides the bright yellow smelly pee)

About 6 months into becoming a pill popper, I noticed I was becoming nauseous and developing rashes on my arms and legs. It took me a while to put the pieces together, but I discovered I was allergic to many of the additives found within the capsules of these cheap vitamin brands.

I nixed all vitamins at about that time and since then have been gaining extra nutrients through food, kombucha and juicing. Occasionally I will take a walk on the supplement tightrope by including a protein powder smoothie or get my vitamin D up with some vegan supplements during the winter, but for the most part I’m in recovery for vitamin supplementation.

When I heard about KOGE vitamins, I figured it was just another brand out to dupe the public into believing its vitamins are the best of the best.

I received the package of their Daily Essentials in the mail and was kind of ready to marry the bottle.


I mean…how chic and reusable is this big guy? It’s just begging to be made over as my second piggy bank (Yes, I still have one at age 26)…and by then it’ll be so heavy, I’ll use it as a five pound weight! 😉

Okay so being enamored with packaging is a weakness of mine. Speaking of packaging… I was also intrigued and relieved to open the bottle and find these neat little packets of pills all ready and organized for each serving/day.

photo-101The vitamins contain tons more than a daily supermarket multi, including stuff us bodybuilders in training love like L-Carnitine and L-Glutamine. On top of that, a fish oil/vitamin E capsule is included.

I have been taking the Koge vitamins religiously for about 14 days now.

And nope…I have not gotten one fish burp! Bravo!!

I’m noticing a change in my energy levels. I usually juice for energy but by including this powerhouse of vitamins I have even more energy than before! I also am able to focus and stay on task. I haven’t had any stomach pain, hiccups or dizziness like I have experienced with mainstream brands.

I must say I believe America’s versions of vitamins differ greatly in comparison to other countries. Koge vitamins are manufactured in Canada which have stricter supplementation/quality laws than we do here in America. These vitamins are vegan, NON-GMO, gluten/dairy free as well.

I also was assuaged by Koge’s website which included tons of information regarding their supplements and the process of authenticating all products. My most favorite highlight of their site was learning that they DO NOT use any GMO‘s in their supplements and also that they partner with a non-profit called Vitamin Angel who supplies vitamins around the world to newborns, toddlers and children with vitamin A and other deficiencies. (Seriously, so freaking awesome!)


It’s comforting to know that companies with integrity still exist in a world which intends to rape and pillage consumers bodies by offering you misleading products all while maintaining a serene smile and fat pocketbook. (If you couldn’t tell, I’m not the biggest advocate of commercialism or any person that lists more than 3 exotic vacation homes on their taxes.)

But this…now this…warms my heart…

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 10.16.21 PM

That being said…forget milk…Koge vitamins do a body…and a world GOOD! 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about Koge vitamins and their other supplement blends, you can visit their website or follow them on twitter and facebook for updates.

**I was sent one bottle of KOGE Vitamins to review through Fitfluential LLC.

Peace, love, and KOGE!


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