Juicing For June Challenge

J is for jumping, Jimmy Choo, Jillian Michaels, and of course one of the best months of the year…June!

Since June is the time for mother nature to permanently be on her period for 3 months straight, we should all try to cool ourselves down with…NOT a swim in the pool, NOT planting ourselves in front of the A/C, but with:



Now for all of you reading this who just had three veins in your arm muscles pop because you actually thought I meant steroid juicing, you are quite mistaken.

I particularly mean…Juicing, as in slamming nearly every piece of nutrient your body needs into one tall glass at the simple press of a blender button…and…wait for it…feeling fully satisfied for up to 4 hours!!!

I decided that juicing is the Rosa Parks to my healthy living journey. Before juicing, I wasn’t exercising my full right to living caffeine free. I felt oppressed by the morning drip and smell of coffee. My anxiety levels sent me into a frenzy. My moods were worthy of a psych ward. People distanced themselves from me. But I still somehow couldn’t shake the daily bean. More coffee, PLEASE.

Then came juicing.

Of course, I had heard of using juicing as a cleanse one thousand times over. I don’t believe in cleanses…unless they somehow have something to do with Trey Songz conducting a spiritual reform retreat…shirtless. 😉

So the point where I sat in my righted healthy seat and refused to move was when I was introduced to David Wolfe through one of my Integrative Nutrition lectures.


David Wolfe is basically the Ghandi of the juicing world. He’s been studying in the juicing and raw foods field for over 20 years.

Here were a few components of his lectures which stuck with me:

  • cooking leaches most beneficial nutrients out of food
  • juicing helps our bodies be less acidic and more alkaline balanced
  • add in more green vegetables to promote a detox effect
  • fiber is still maintained from most raw foods when made with a blender
  • juicing prevents and even cures cancer, mental disorders and degenerative diseases
  • always try to use superfoods as much as possible (Maca, Aloe Vera, Ginseng, Goji Berry, Fo-Ti, Camu Camu Berry, Chlorophyll, & Spirulina)

Juicing essentially maintains all nutritional components of the fruits and vegetables you would normally cook, marinade, saute, or grill.

If you are worried about the lack of fat consumption, try adding in some nuts and healthy oils (avocado, walnut, flaxseed, grapeseed, coconut oils)

If you are worried about the whole protein aspect, please stop. In a few cups of spinach, kale, and blueberries you are able to achieve the daily value your body needs…PLUS these raw foods all contain FIBER. (Can you say that for a box of Nutri-Grain bars which say made with REAL fruit, but are really all hydrogenated oil, corn, sugar, and fake fiber?)

I didn’t think so either.

So my gift to you this June is to find your own “Rosa Parks” moment within your healthy living journey. Whether it’s to lose weight, increase energy, sleep better, or increase quality of life, drink your vegetables instead of eating them! (you can always add fruit in to sweeten the taste)

I’m inviting you all to a juicing challenge for June. You don’t have to go wild and spend $1000 a week on fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oils. You don’t even need to go and buy a juicer. (a normal blender/vitamix will work just fine!) Just make do with what you can 🙂

Highlights for the challenge:

  • one picture per day on instagram, facebook, or twitter of your juice- you can tag me (@cdean17) 
  • use hashtag #juiceforjune
  • notate how you feel before and after your juicing experience
  • if you’re blogging about your experience, please include the juicing for june photo above and link it back to me (www.chocolatecovereddiamonds.com)

Don’t know where to start?

Channel Orange juice: oranges, carrot, ginger, lemon, peppers, ice, water, banana

Channel Orange juice: oranges, carrot, ginger, lemon, peppers, ice, water, banana

You can see my post about juicing here.

Also, check out Mind, Body, Green  for basic tips & Juicing Recipes which will guide you through what to start off buying and blending!

Remember, always, always, always listen to your body. If you feel you aren’t able to survive off of these juices, then absolutely have a meal!

My best days begin with juicing and end with a full meal. Don’t act like this is a “get fit quick” or “lose 10 lbs. in 10 days” plan. Don’t even think you’ll like juicing the first time you try it. (because chances are you’ll get all your tastes wrong with your first!) Don’t give up!

Slowly incorporate this into your daily routine to avoid slip-ups and your results will be life-lasting.

Any questions, as always feel free to leave in the comments below or give me a shout on twitter, instagram or facebook!

Peace, love, and get juicing!


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