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Protein pancakes. They are the everlasting trend that’s adorning countless kitchen stove tops these days. Or at least trying to…

Usually, protein pancakes are made from scratch, with a form of protein powder albeit whey or plant based starring as the main ingredient.

Somehow or another, mine end up looking like a newborn’s vomit. But contrary to the sight, taste impeccable.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? A strawberry pooped on a bed of cauliflower that's supposed to be coconut flour protein pancakes? Yeah, me too!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? A strawberry pooped on a bed of cauliflower that’s supposed to be coconut flour protein pancakes? Yeah, me too!

I’ve had a few successes with my own dabbling into the protein powder/pancake realm, but none were worthy of an obsession. (and you know how much I love my food obsessions, right?) 😉

This is where an awesome brand called Flapjacked comes in to knock the protein taste and texture ball out of the park!

Flapjacked is a company that has created (and perfected, IMO) the protein pancake! It contains whey protein powder, 200 calories, and 15-17 g of protein per serving. The brand has three different flavors to choose from.

Banana Hazelnut, Buttermilk, and Cinnamon Apple

Banana Hazelnut, Buttermilk, and Cinnamon Apple

If you’re worried about where their ingredients are sourced, they are NOT advocates of GMO’s, preservatives, or anything artificial. (While they don’t have a NON-GMO verified sticker (yet), you have to commend them for being transparent with their customers!)

I urge you to go and read how they were inspired to start this company, it all stems from their five young children!

I was sent the Banana Hazelnut flavor to try out and was honestly intrigued.


I had my preconceived notions being that my past experiences with protein pancakes always ended with a garbage can toss or breakfast mush. (which I still ate)

These babies did not stick to the pan, didn’t require any ingredients (just water or milk!), and cooked in about 6 minutes! (great for extreme hangry bouts)


I most definitely batter tasted them before scooping them into the pan. (and had to restrain myself from gobbling the entire bowl before they made their way to the stove)

I made them into mini pancakes because I knew I would be dreading the withdrawal symptoms after they were finished. This tiny 4 oz. packet was able to yield me about 5 mini pancakes for three days! (probably a world record for world’s smallest pancakes, too!)


Best of all, they are boyfriend approved!

Normally, Flapjacked pancake mix comes in 4 oz. or 28 oz. sizes (that’s 2 servings or 15 servings of your choice!) Each 28 oz. bag costs $17.99 or you can go balls to the wall and order a sampler pack of each of their flavors (banana hazelnut, cinnamon apple, & buttermilk) for $49.99!


**Sidenote: Can I also just add that being vegetarian, my protein intake is a little on the low side. Yes, I eat tons of greens which provide me with my necessary fiber, but sometimes you just need an extra boost to fully feel satisfied. These lasted me about 4.5 hours until my next hangry session crept in! 

I actually just placed an order for them earlier this week, so the anticipation awaits for the other two flavors!

Are you a protein pancake fan? Have you ever tried these?

Peace, love, and flapjacked!


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  1. Allie says:

    I actually received a sample of the Apple Cinnamon Flapjacked mix and it was fantastic! So yummy and easy to make, you’ll have to share how the other flavors end up tasting.

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