#MotivationalMondays- Fill In The Blanks With Planks


Do you remember that fill in the blank game called Mad Libs? You know, the one where you try and make the story up yourself by inserting your own verbs, nouns, and adjectives?

I still own several blank Mad Libs books. I don’t have any nieces, nephews, or younger cousins as an excuse to play. I am just that nerdy and fond of my childhood and the English language to hold onto games such as this.


I believe Mad Libs was one of the first experiences where I delved into the world of writing. Choosing the way you’d like the story to start and end, albeit nonsensical at times, stirred in me a yearning for creativity.

Another way I quench my creativity thirst is through creating my own custom workouts. Lots of people need fitness trainers and 5 AM wake up calls to serve as their proverbial fitness whips, but when it comes to my workouts, I prefer to flip through a few fitness mags or blogs and then create a sort of fitness collage of moves, times, and styles.

Don’t get me wrong, I live and breathe group EX classes, but change is necessary every now and then.

With my schedule being booked to the gills with all sorts of life duties, I haven’t been able to bring my butt to the sweaty dungeon. I decided it had been quite some time since I worked out my abs, so why not include one of the most effective exercises to tighten that tummy? (and sorry, laughter doesn’t count for this!)



I am one of those rare people who actually appreciate a good plank or two, kind of like those who favor caviar and sardines I suppose!

Below is a 12 minute workout which focuses on middle, lower, and side abdominals. I would recommend doing this workout 2-3X per week (specifically on lighter intensity workout days) along with a healthy eating regiment because the unofficial start of summer is literally less than one week away! EEKKK!

blogPS, just a captain obvious notation: for those moves which focus on side abdominals, split the minute in half by doing one side for 30 seconds and the other side for another 30.

Are you all excited for bathingsuit season? Do you like planks? How have your workouts been now that the weather is seasonable?

Peace, love, and planks!


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