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If you look at my list of potential protein suitors on the daily, it includes beans, eggs, nut butters, and an overload of leafy greens. While these all make nice with my stomach enzymes and current bodybuilding competition goal, they don’t give me that “love at first bite” feeling like I once used to have.


Being vegetarian, meeting your protein needs is generally stereotyped as being extremely difficult in this meat-devouring world.

It’s not a personal challenge for me, but I must say, there’s only so many times you can make hummus three ways or top your oats with nut butter before you begin to divert your attention towards the convenient (and mostly overmanufactured) protein bar. (kind of like the hulky guys on the far side of the gym that you want to try but know the end result would leave you disappointed)

The “protein bar” has been around since men figured out that flexing attracted the female species. Which leads to its long line of industry adulteration along the way.

Desirable to the eye, not to the bod

Desirable to the eye, not to the bod

Chances are you’ve seen one of the above. Chances are you’ve tried them. Chances are HIGH that unless you’re a label sleuth like me you are now desensitized to these “protein bars” inconsistencies…which includes several ingredients which deem to be unpronouncable and thus unidentifiable by the bod.

Once again, a classic example of these food corporations pulling the shiny, “NATURAL”, “20 G PROTEIN” wrapper over consumers unassuming eyes.

Besides all of the hullabaloo I’ve mentioned above, I come as a knight in shining truthful armor to those who are too chalked out in the mouth to know the difference between real and imposter protein bars.


Enter stage left in a low carb, high fiber protein cape…Quest. It’s the perfect name for a company. It’s something I’m sure you, me, and everyone we know can identify with. It’s the reason why these bars were given this name.

I think Quest appropriately outlines what life should be about. Real results take real time and don’t happen in a workout, meal, or sleep.

You know those people who say, “I just ate a house. I’m going to gain so much weight.”? Well, it’s not technically true. You can’t gain weight overnight just like you cannot lose it overnight. (unless you are raving on ecstasy and mollys, which in that case should seek “raves for days” type blogs)

It takes many repetitive actions and erroneous eating to incur any physical changes to your body weight.

That set aside, I was sent these little dandies.


It excited me almost as much as shoes and the preview for Iron Man. (How epic is the outside of this packaging?)

(Unpictured but:) The fact that it was social media savvy on the box made my heart sing and shifted my “slide to unlock” finger into action. (on a quest…for quest) of course!

The fitness world has been abuzz about these bars for quite a few months now.

I chose to taste the chocolate chip cookie dough first. I used it as fuel before my grueling weights workout the other day. I was advised to heat and serve. Yes, it’s not only adviseable, it is MANDATORY.

home-cravings-info_02This was my favorite flavor out of the two I received. Its ingredients consist of whey protein, stevia, sucralose and a few others. While by no means are these deemed the holy grails of protein bars in terms of ingredients, for something made with whey, they are pretty darn good!

The apple pie had a great first taste but after about half way through the bar, the stevia and aftertaste was a bit overpowering. I also had tons of this one stuck in my teeth and felt like I had just chewed 7 tootsie rolls in a row. If they could get the consistency of the apple pie to be the same of the chocolate chip cookie dough, I’d think it’d be a close winner! 😉

I highly recommend you try these out. If you’re on a quest for health these are definitely something to consider. (and not littered with as much garbage as the other ones on the market)

I am planning to add one-two into my eating plan up until my competition prep. (as these were actually created by an NPC competitor herself!)


PS- They are available in 12 different flavors and are gluten free!

*Disclaimer: I received these two bars as free samples off of a promotion with Hungry Girl

 Are you a protein bar addict? Have you tried these yet?

Peace, love, and on the Quest for success!




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