Praying For Boston


There are no words to describe the sheer and utter disgust and complete shock of yesterday’s events.

I think all of us as Americans will never understand the WHY for acts of violence such as this. I feel as though my mental and physical freedoms have been robbed ever since 9/11.

My entire day was completely disrupted upon hearing of the bombings. It was indeed a motivational Monday for me as even though I had inventory and didn’t arrive home in my bed until 2 AM the night before, I still awoke with a smile on my face ready to take on the day around 9 AM.

I made sure to blog, eat, read, and even clean a little all on my day off. Then, 3 PM hit. Just before I was about to leave for a study session. The images were jarring enough. The live coverage brought me instantly to captivated tears.

I couldn’t help but thinking of all those first timers, the ones who finished, the ones who didn’t finish, the ones who were supporting the finishers, and the ones who unfortunately received the wrath of this pre-meditated act.

I don’t consider myself a great runner, but nonetheless I am a runner. I run for fun, I run for sanity, I run to be connected with nature, and most importantly I run to foster a sense of positivity and hopes of progress with future runs.

Everyone has a different motivation for running. What it does for one person can be a completely different experience for another.

I am planning to run this morning. Not for miles, time, or calories burned, but for all those affected in Boston. I feel like it will return part of my sanity in this helpless time that so many of us are experiencing.

All we can do in a time like this is support and pray. Pray for the victims, pray for hope, pray for an even better way to protect ourselves in this maniacal world of ours.


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  1. So sad! I couldn’t stop crying, it’s such a scary world that we live in. How can people be so evil!


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