#MotivationalMondays- Symbiosis In The Gym

Of all the grade school isms, itis’s, and sis’s I learned of, the one that most fascinated me was the process of symbiosis.

Clownfish and sea anemones? Bees and pollen? Antelope and birds? What do they have in common? A little thing called symbiosis.

Basically an ill scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of relationship without much thought going into the process because this occurs automatically in nature.

So let’s see what symbiotic relationships exist in the world of humans? Rihanna wearing granny panties and a full miu miu to bed? No. Auto tune and the billboard hot 100 charts? Definitely not. What about Justin timberlake and SNL? Ding, ding, ding…yes!

We found love in a meatless place...

Another prime example of symbiosis in which I can relate to comes in the form of pumping iron and running as though I’m filming for the next Jurassic Park. (Yes, pre-historic, extinct species are still something I have many a nightmare about)

Here’s a workout which left my arms and legs in a non-symbiotic relationship with the rest of my body by the end:

I gave the gym sweat, it's (slowly) giving me muscle!

 What are some examples in your life of symbiosis? I hope the gym is on that list! 

Peace, love, and symbiosis!



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