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It’s the one hobby in my life that I’ve been lost without. It is the Jack to my Kate, the oil to the vinegar in my salad, and the stars to my skies.

Even though I would never classify myself as a professional dancer of any sort (the dougie is about as pro as I get), I still get such a high from this masked form of cardio.

What do you need to dance?


Confidence. Yup, over dance moves, towels to dab the sweat from your brow, or the nailing the perfect syncopation for the salsa.

In order to have confidence, you don’t need to be or look perfect. It’s all a simple mindset. (a drink or two usually helps mine) šŸ˜‰

Another added bonus is having: the body

The dancer’s body has long been esteemed. I remember as a child believing that as long as I took ballet, I’d look like the NYC ballet troupe too. (clearly too much chocolate and italian dinners got in the way…)


If you’re looking to help garner some inner strength and positive self esteem for the ballet body, then pilates is the answer for you.

Created by Joseph Pilates many moons ago, it utilizes mostly your own body weight to sculpt long, lean muscles. (See my pilates post for more information.)

Pilates is so versatile and can be conveniently taken on the road, to the beach, or even to work. (Yes, I said work.)

Recently, I received a new DVD in the mail from the wonderful people at Anchor Bay Entertainment.


This one is called Accelerated Pilates with Lisa Hubbard (who now follows me on instagram)- I’m totally insta-swooning!

The DVD comes equipped with a resistance band as well as a bonus 10-minute abs workout. (which is super killer awesome)


The moves within this DVD are easy to understand and the music is soothing and calming…all while you’re sweating profusely!

I especially appreciate this DVD because it moves fluidly and gives me a great at home workout with close to zero equipment.

I highly recommend DVD’s if you are pressed for time. I would say this one is maybe for the intermediate to advanced levels of pilates practicers.

Definitely check Accelerated Pilates out. I have even seen them in Targets & Wal-Marts if you prefer not to order online!

What are your favorite in home workouts?

Peace, love, and confidence!


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