#MotivationalMondays- Facts of (My Current) Life & A Workout

*Tap, tap, tap.* Is this thing on?

I have been on hiatus. It wasn’t for anything remotely cool like a last minute trip to Sicily or even a trip to the ER for climbing Mt. Everest.

It is simply all due to the facts of life.

Fact #1: Part-time work has left no room for a full-time life.

There is one good and one bad associated with this. The good, more moolah, the bad, I have no time for any of the other passions/necessities (like blogging, school, bills, blah, blah, blah…) in my life.

Fact #2: My job actually enables me to eat healthier.

Despite the fact that I work in the bakery at Whole Foods, the options for being swayed to remain eating healthily are endless. It’s an incredible juxtaposition when you have things that look like this right in front of you…

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Brookies! (brownies and cookies version of babies)

next to your salad bars filled to the brim with a garden of rainbows; but after a while, the baked goods become like the old worn out hooker on the streets…filled with too much convenience and not enough nutrition.

Fact #3: I need my taxes to do themselves.

Can’t my W-2’s and 1098’s just make a baby and all my filings will be done? I feel like there’s not enough time in the day to breathe, let alone think…of lots of numbers.

Fact #4: I’m behind with school…yes, still.

I’ve made a decent dent in my school work, but it’s still looking like I have to move a mountain. My plans are to hopefully click my heels together three times and a genie will appear and do it for me? Or something like that…

Fact #5: C.C.D. is due for a workout.

Yes, since I’ve been “on hiatus” I’ve been working out. You can see my instagram for that proof. February has actually proved to be quite the month for workouts, all thanks to my Polar which helps at least one area of my life stay organized!

Fact #6: If you’re still here, I’d love for you to sweat.

Below is a workout done in the comforts of my bedroom. Caution: You may look like a penguin when walking tomorrow. (Too bad it’s not imitate your favorite animal day…)

Have you been staying on track with your resolutions? How are your “facts of life” this week?

Peace, love, and lats & legs!


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2 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Facts of (My Current) Life & A Workout

  1. purelytwins says:

    I wish my taxes would do themselves as well, got a good start on mine just need to finish 😉

  2. Melissa Love says:

    I’m with you — some days there just isn’t enough time. I have yet to do my taxes…maybe I should get on that =/ haha

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