#MotivationalMondays- Armpit Boobs: Take A Hike!


The word sometimes defines myself during spats of extreme “I am right” isms. It also is attached to that little sliver of fat between the side boob and arm. (I swear it actually says stubborn in big, fat, I am here to stay bold fonts.)

We all have them… Problem areas. Thighs, stomach, arms, hips, calves, etc. Us women are notorious picker a parters. Give us a mirror and we will manage to mentally turn ourselves into an etched piece of tree in less than 30 seconds.

I as a health and fitness advocate try to set a positive example and never stare into a mirror verbally and mentally bashing myself. It never ends with a rainbow, so why do it?

Instead, I try and find some problem areas and create a game plan for conquering them.

Case and point: legs. I wish I had a 5-6 years before shot of them. They were chunky, dwarfy things (even though I ran) and I was fed up with their obstinacy. I blamed my genes for a while until I realized my diet needed cleaning up and I needed to venture into the weights room. Now I consider them one of my best features.

A few other problem areas I have: stomach, butt, and hammy’s. I can’t get rid of the cellulite behind or on the sides of my legs and I have accepted that. I do as much as I can for my stomach, but to be honest, my diet could be a whole lot leaner. (aka- let’s cut out the chocolates and breads)

Back to the upper body…armpit boob. It bothers me even more than the flabby triceps do. I feel kind of broad and manly with this extra layer of fat between the arms and boobs. Or like my boobs are rejecting it as the black sheep of the fat deposits.

I have been trying for months to kick the stubbornness to the curb with toning moves and also a semi-strict diet.


Not even an inkling of “I’m moving out soon”. It’s a permanent body resident.

I have compiled some moves below to help all of us try and beat the flab. (I have also read that it may very well indeed be a part of the breast tissue and if you have some lumps in the front (like I do), you honestly may not be able to get fully rid of it without surgery.)

But…let’s hope these moves prevent that from ever even beginning to be a thought in your mind… (remember, you cannot spot tone only, diet is most of where the change comes from!)

Special thanks to some Girls Gone Sporty ambassadors for giving me some advice on this one:

Kathia @ Fit In My Red Soles Shoes 

Shannon @ Bad Ass Fitness

Vianessa @ Vianessa.com

What are your problem areas? How have you been trying to improve them?

Peace, love, and improvements!


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5 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Armpit Boobs: Take A Hike!

  1. Armpit boobs are THE WORST. Mine are better than they used to be (I’ve been an upper body workoutaholic for the last year or so), but sometimes they still catch my eye. Great list, lady!!!

  2. Melissa Love says:

    I have issues with my legs — thick ‘ol things! haha I’m slowly falling in love with them the more squats/deadlifts/lunges I do 🙂

  3. Love the workout! Pinning! <3

    • choc3178 says:

      thanks love! 🙂 I need to get rid of it, hopefully with cutting out a little more carbs (but not chocolate) I’ll be able to say bye bye to them!

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