#MotivationalMondays- Squeeze & Pulse Your Spaghetti Squash…In The Bedroom?

Before you get any images of red lips, bodily fluids, and bad acting…

I come from a lineage of dirty minds. The kitchen might as well serve as the bedroom. But hey, life wouldn’t be very fun if we only pulsed, squeezed, ate and repeated it all in one room. (if you catch my naughty, inappropriate drift…)

Speaking of bedrooms, the only place I’ve frequented in the past month or so has been my own. 80% of the time is spent working out in here, the other 20 is devoted to sleep.

After about two weeks of in room workouts (because I’m paranoid of the flu and all the treadmill hamsters at the gym), my sweatfests began to lack a huge sparking passion.

I had done a pilates focused workout with Blogilates a few days earlier and noticed that I didn’t have a yoga block to properly perform all exercises.

There was lots of squeezing, pulsing, and holding involved. I looked around my room and sitting innocently in the corner was my on sale spaghetti squash.

I choose you.

Menacingly, I grabbed it and absolutely gave it the best time of its life within ten short minutes.

While the squash kind of crept me out (because it reminds me of a newborn), it definitely got the “feel the burn” job done.

Here are 4 exercises I performed with the squash:

1. The Pulse-Up. Place squash in between your legs and pulse for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 2 more times. (Try to pretend this isn’t what giving birthing a human would feel like.)

2. One-legged squash balance. (This one is a challenge!) Lie on floor. Place one foot on top of squash and other directly above you. Balance and begin to push foot towards ceiling. (Yes, this means your butt is off the ground entirely!) 20 reps each side. Repeat 2X.

3. The Squash Potato. This one is kind of fun. (Just make sure you don’t drop it.) Stand tall and place squash in one hand. Playfully but carefully toss the squash into the opposite hand and then perform a squat in between each rep. Do this for a total of 25 times.

Excuse the love handles and general lower body wideness. We're working on it.









4. Tricep squash and fly. Hold squash behind you with two hands. Lean over gently and push into a tricep kickback for 12 pulses. Take the squash in one hand while still leaning over and back fly it out to the side. Repeat the 12 pulses in between each back fly until exhaustion.

So how’s that for being resourceful?

Now that you’ve completely violated your squash, go nuke it in the microwave and finish it off for dinner!

Have you ever worked out with a veggie or fruit before? What was the experience like? (Thank god for the privacy of your own home, right? :P)

Peace, love, and multi purpose veggies!


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