Maybe You Should Just Let It Go To Voicemail…

If you live within two seconds of another human, television, magazine, airplane, or convenience store, then you’re well aware of these small palm sized devices called “cell phones”.

The new army of cocky and confident

Invented in the late 80s/early 90s by humans and now claimed to be perfected by that small bite in a piece of fruit called Apple, cell phone use has become as habitual as eating. (except far worse)

I’m victim to having my iPhone by my side literally 24/7. I sleep, eat, drink, laugh, run, and shower with it. It’s my security blanket during awkward eye contact, it was my wealth of knowledge when I didn’t know what the difference between a louis vuitton and louboutin was. It could easily replace anyone’s significant other in every other aspect, besides the actual feelings part.

With a teeming world of these devices, does anyone ever question the prolonged use?

Well no. There are pictures to distract us, statuses to update, e-mails to be written, conference calls to be had, games to be played, and alarms to be set.

We’ve become too consumed with this now ritually habitual form of technology that we 1) take it for granted and 2) never stop to think how it affects our health.

My mental health from using a cell phone has actually been 100% awesome. I suppose this effect is similar to when our parents and grandparents first experienced the “boob tube” and were captivated by its endless entertainment.

Oh Zack Morris, you could still rock this to this day and nobody would say a thing

The difference here is, these things ring, ding, beep, speak, and sing into our ears 24/7. Even when we are not speaking to someone on the device, it’s emitting radiation.

Since the introduction of cell phones for mainstream purchase about 12 years ago, we’ve had a noticeable increase in brain tumor cases and other cancers.

The constant use of this seemingly more helpful than harmful device has made us blind and deaf to the stimuli it’s really emitting.

Cell phones are comprised of a specific kind of radio wavelength called SAR (specific absorption rate). In the US, the rate in cell phones is at 1.6 watts per kilogram in order to be sold.

The few studies which have been conducted on how radiation effects humans has not yielded much in the way of results, other than a few which directly correlate the use of cell phones with brain tumors, decreased sperm count, and disrupted childhood brain development. 

The unknown is always a risk when developing a new technology. (Shocking fact: The US used to spray DDT and a bunch of other chemicals directly onto people’s heads before it knew the long-term effects!)

I say, if it hasn’t been out for at least 20 years with long-term testing, don’t use it or consume it.

Obviously, cell phones are a mandatory requirement for our daily lives, so my avoidance of them isn’t possible.

Here are a few ways in which you can limit the amount of radiation your body absorbs from cell phones:

1) Send a text instead of calling someone (totally not a problem for me, I HATE phone talking!)

2) When speaking on the phone, use speaker phone or a bluetooth

3) Carry phone at least one inch from the body

4) If you’re pregnant or nursing, limit use as much as possible. More and more studies are showing the radiation to cause birth defects and mental health disorders at a young age

5) Sleep with the phone at least 20 feet away from your body and disable the wifi before bed. The radio waves can disrupt your sleep or even prevent you from getting any at all! (Case and point: ME!)

6) Cover your ear pieces that deflect the non-ionizing radiation coming from the phone. You find examples from Wave Shield and Pong.

7) I never, ever do this, but TURN IT OFF. I don’t think I’ve tried since I had the old flip phones 3-4 years ago. CRAY-ZAY!!!

It’s always better to be proactive than reactive. If you take the small but necessary precaution to protect yourself from radiation now, it will pay off in the end!

What’s your deal? Are you a cell-phone-a holic? Do you use it in moderation? (because I definitely OD on it every day!) Love my social media! 🙂

Peace, love, and talk wisely!


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  1. I’m totally a cell-phonaholic! I need to turn mine off more.

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