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When I often think of the word “change”, I tend to cringe in fear.

I’m a creature of habit right down to the same brand of underwear I buy. I’m generally not a risk taker and play by the rule book all the time.

I could never become President or be one of those peopke that live out of suitcase forever and I have accepted that.

The kind of change I am able to gulp down with a swig of confidence are the ones regarding issues that matter to me.

Enter: change.org. If you haven’t heard of it, go there right now. It’s a website dedicated to all the issues you ever cared about and more. (and doing something about them) The wonderful thing about this site is that normal humans (like you and I) and NOT talking heads create these petitions to sign.

Most times you need a certain amount of signatures before it can be sent to Congress or the appropriate person to actually be verified and written in as a change or a law. (But that’s where social media comes in! It’s amazing how fast things become viral these days!)

Having an account is free and you can opt in to be on their mailing list for when new issues are posted to petition.

As most of you know, I’m a huge advocate for GMO’s to be labeled in the United States. (PS- they are totally trying to include GMO salmon in our food supply by early 2014!)

I’m also a pacifist. I don’t even kill flies with fly swatters. I am a psuedo-hippie minus all the pot and LSD nonsense. I signed this petition for Newtown families and gun control a few weeks ago.

It also wouldn’t be proper of me to overlook any injustice that involved chocolate, right? So yeah, this was signed too. (Remember: NO issue is too small for this website!)

And of course, I am always in support of the ta-tas. This petition actually seems like it’s necessary, especially nowadays with the high incidence of breast cancer.

So you see? The possibilities for change are endless. I’m not saying if you wanted to change the color of the sky it would happen, but most everything else is fair game. 😉

Take a look and browse some popular topics or create a petition of your own! It’s all free!

Peace, love, and change!


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