#MotivationalMondays- How To Address The “Turkey In The Room”

Words of the day: Discipline, Confidence, and Balance

These three words do not come without compromising and suppressing their opposites: negligence, uncertainty, and disproportion. All too often our self-aggrandizement is hindered by those three bad cops. ^ We all hide from mirrors, overeat, and lack the mental courage to overcome our obstacles at certain times. Today, starting with the week of Thanksgiving, we’ll try and change this outcome.

I bet you probably have a stack of books, DVD’s, or VHS’s moping around the house. You use the dust as an excuse as to why you have not taken them out for a spin. This is your proverbial “elephant in the room”. Don’t wait for the New Year to get motivated. Turkey week is the perfect time to test your mental capacity and remain in control. Here are a few moves to help you conquer your face to face with “the bird”.

I’m starting you guys off with a quick and convenient 5 moves. As always, you can choose to bypass the weights. (But only if you are a beginner. Intermediates and advanced- you are out of excuses!)

1. Quick Feet. This move is constantly used as a form of cardio interval in several of the exercise classes I take. It is not my favorite and beware your shirt and/or pants will ride up. Don’t let that discourage you. This move works buns, inner/outer thighs, and of course your heart! Simply use an elevated incline (like stairs pictured) or no incline (your choice), and begin with the left foot then right foot tapping the surface you are using. Kind of like when David Beckham is warming up on his soccer ball…but not as sexy. Do this move for 1 minute to warm up.

2. No Butts About It. Ever chomp into a chicken thigh and feel all that meaty flesh behind it? Makes you feel large, in charge, and in my case, downright disgusting. This move is intended to slim your thighs and hamstrings so if ever captured on a cannibalistic native island, they would look elsewhere for meaty subsistence. Start by using an incline (i.e.- a couch, chair, small table, stepstool) and place heels on top of surface. Slowly thrust yourself up making sure your butt is completely off the ground and hold for 1-2 seconds. Come back down and repeat for 1 minute. This also is an excellent move to improve balance and posture.

3. Chic ‘Bliques. This move is strictly for obliques (lovehandles). Take a medium-heavy weight (or none at all), and hold in left hand. Place right hand resting on the back of the head. With weight in hand, slowly tilt to right side until you feel a slight pulling on your left. (This means it’s working!) You could also feel free to try and slide the weight up to your rib bones if you want an extra challenge. (see picture below). With this move if you have any herniated discs or lower back issues like I do, I suggest going without weight. Perform this move 10-15 reps on each side.

4. Curtsy to the queen. I have to say this is one of my favorite moves as it makes me feel demure but also tones many trouble spots. Start out with one foot reaching towards the opposite side of your body with medium-heavy weight in hand horizontally. (see pics below). Slowly bend with weight in hand then shoot leg behind you out to the side with pointed toe. This move is great for toning inner/outer thighs, obliques, biceps, hamstrings, back, and glutes. It also helps with balance and posture…do we detect a theme for today’s exercises yet?

5. The Lion King Raise. “The Circle of Life” in The Lion King teaches us about balance, strength, and survival. Much like the movie, this move intends to instill the same characteristics on our bodies. Bend down with weight in hand. Back straight and knees locked. (Don’t perform this move if you have joint or back problems.) Pretend you are scooping up baby Simba as you bend down with weight in hand and then slowly raise up until weight reaches torso height, then perform a bicep curl as you then reach with weight over your head. (the Simba raise) Finally, bend weight back behind you to get some triceps in. Repeat for 20 reps or 1 minute. It should all move fluidly in one motion when performing. See pictures below.

If you aren’t into organic moves like this and like the sound of someone’s voice to keep you going, here are a few DVD’s I recommend:

a) P90X(Abs Ripper or Cardio X)

b) Fit In Your Jeans By Friday (Upper/lower body),

c) Billy Blanks Tae-Bo

d) Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred.

All of these fun and easy workouts provide you with resistance training as well as cardio, so get them sneaks on! The beauty of these allows you versatility by performing all the moves in a 3-4 foot space, so even that messy pile of clothes in the room can be an afterthought.

So when you are gutting that turkey (insert other meat/vegan options here) and then eating it, you can address it with a smile and a BAM! “I’ll pass on the dark meat.”

Peace, love, and thanksgiving!


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