#MotivationalMondays- Four Songs Workout

Christmas season is upon us. The sheer amount of times I’ve heard “simply having a wonderful Christmas time” is already beginning to annoy me and it’s only December 2nd.

Sorry if that sounded too Scrooge for you, but out of all Christmas songs, I downright despise it. If radio stations and department stores just played NSYNC and Mariah Carey Christmas albums I think we’d exist in a utopia.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas just as much as Santa’s elves, I’m just partial towards my music during this season. (Popster for life!)

Onto an injury update: this past weekend I discovered that my right knee/leg is pretty much healed, however the chest is a completely different story. I’ve been alternating between yoga and pilates with some occasional cardio so I don’t wind up sidelined for good. (and to take care of those blasted arm and belly bulges) I decided to take a risk and go for an upper body workout.

The results? Well, I didn’t pull anything this time!…BUT, the right chest muscle is still extremely painful. I’m beginning to fall back into my hypochondriac, worried for the worst case scenario ways with this whole thing, so once I am financially able to, I’ll be seeing someone who actually knows how to diagnose this.

For this week’s workout, I used a simple set-up of four songs, which totaled about 12-15 minutes. The first song was used as warm-up, second and third for the bulk of the upper body, and fourth for cool down.

*Sidenote– I haven’t been blogging as much the past week because I’m still deeply upset over my co-worker’s loss of her husband. Death is never easy and may he rest in peace. πŸ™

Are you making sure to stay fit during the holidays? What’s your routine been like?

Peace, love, and upper body!


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  1. I’m right there with you on the Christmas music. Sending healing vibes your way! Definitely pinning this for later use. And I’m sorry to hear about your coworker. πŸ™

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