#WIAW- Sweet & Healthy

I am no stranger to the sweet tooth. I believe I was born with a palate to only crave sweet things at every meal all the time.

While I’ve made previous attempts to divert my tastes towards the “right pathway of eating”, I ALWAYS relapse.

However, this past week instead of chocolate being the go-to cure-all, it was protein powders, Chobani, and peanut flour. At least we’re getting some nutritional value in, right?

Before the sweets came some veggies of course:

Mixed veggie medley w/ coconut oil

PS- this is what sautéed kale looks like. Super wilted, man!

This is what I used to sauté the veggies above in:

My hands may or may not still wreak of this garlicky goodness.

Super simple to whip up…mince garlic and oil in a food processor and spoon into ice cube trays! Preserves freshness and tastes amazing!

Now for “the goods“:

This is the girly version of what Arnold Schwarzenegger probably ate during his Terminator days.

The following is a quick and easy recipe from my favorite fitness competitor, Candy Fit!

Candy Fit's Frozen PB2 Cups

Last but not least we have my peanut flour chia loaf  which debuted last week:

What have you eaten this week? Anything good from Thanksgiving?

Peace, love, & healthy sweets!


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3 Responses to #WIAW- Sweet & Healthy

  1. Thanks for reminding me about those PB2 cups – I meant to make em last week after I saw her link. Happy WIAW 😀

  2. Awesome idea on the garlic & oil ice cube tray! Freeze them or is the tray just for storage in the fridge?

    • choc3178 says:

      I put them into the freezer! They stay for about a month before they start losing their flavor. I defrost a cube for maybe 10 minutes and then throw into whatever I’m making.

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