#WIAW- Bare Bones

So this should be called “When I Can’t Sleep” Wednesday because…it’s 4 AM and I’m still not asleep. What is the deal lately? Back to melatonin again…

This week’s eats were pretty bare bones. Being that it’s fall and WIAW theme for this month is falling into new habits, I figured it’s only appropriate to note that I’m falling into more baking and proud of it. Or not…because we are onto a new theme…

I’ve also been food shopping a lot more and am back down to my original weight of 117. (and no for those of you who haven’t seen pictures of me- it’s not as skinny looking as it sounds) I wasn’t even looking to shave off those few pesky pounds I had gained because I hadn’t noticed until I put on a pair of jeans. The jeans fit snug but weren’t any cause to sound the “muffin top alarm”.

Guess what the weight gain was caused from? Well one, it was half muscle gain from running a shit TON over the summer. Two- my out to dinner days were becoming out to dinner WEEKS. I have since toned down the running.

I’m not complaining either way. Just goes to show when you cook your own food, you succeed. Remember labeling is deceiving and so are restaurants so ask, ask, ask when it comes to ordering a “healthy” dish!

On with the eats:

Let’s start off with some snackage…health food stores are pricey…but how can you deny this freshly made hummus and veggie platter? I actually watched them making it, so I knew every wholesome ingredient included.

Perfectly portioned hummus and veggies

Another snackage I’m currently digging…Lucy’s Chocolate Chip cookies. I’ll have you know I’m usually a soft cookie kind of person, but these were divine!

Just say "no" to GMO!

These were almost too cute to eat…but I was HANGRY so you know these didn’t sit for very long.

Persian Cucumbers with some Laughing Cow veggie cream cheese slathered in between

Oh and you knew this very orange momentwas coming, right? I am so sorry if you want to run anything pumpkin over, but it’s here to stay…at least until Christmas.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Soup

Oh and this orange bowl of yum. Pumpkin Cake Batter dip…yes this happened and yes I consumed it all in ONE sitting.

My sub- sub- subbed version

Here’s one for all you meat lovas out there…um yeah, my love for chicken has completely waned. I was kind of digging this ground meat though.

Sante Fe Chili Chicken salad from a local diner...more appropriately named...heart attack on a plate

For this last one, there should be a herald of trumpets and fireworks. I try to keep my kombucha purchasing to a minimum, but this was a flavor to be reckoned with. OBSESSED (as usual).

Pure bliss hibiscus

 What are you noshing on this week? Have you resisted purchasing Halloweenie treats yet? (Shockingly, I HAVE!) 🙂

Peace, love, and I NEED MORE SLEEP!


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5 Responses to #WIAW- Bare Bones

  1. Pumpkin cake batter dip sounds killer!! I’m a big fan of cooking at home, saves money and pounds 😉

  2. I see I’m not the only one staying up late!
    I hate talking about my weight to anyone. Because like you, I’m 4’11” and when I talked about how I gained 20 lbs and starting weighing in at 115, they’d laugh at me. No one understands that a 20 lbs gain for someone as short as I am is very significant. (I used to weigh 95lbs until I was in my early 20s. Then I got up to 115lbs and that’s what kick started my obsession with fitness!)

    Oh…and soft cookie person?….twinsie….’nuff said.

    • choc3178 says:

      hahaha oh man it just gets better and better every day! 🙂 Yes…I know what you’re saying with the weight thing. With just reading my stats, people would probably be like what’s wrong with that? But it’s so true on a shorter person even 5-10 lbs. is a tremendous difference! Of course my mother was the first to notice and point it out which made me self conscious. I’m glad I didn’t take it to heart and that I’m weighing a little lighter naturally due to my food choices.

      • Plus the food choices and working out makes your body look different! The numbers may not be what us women see, but we know that the important thing is how the clothes fit! I think you’re doing a fabulous job and look great! Keep up the great work! 🙂

        • choc3178 says:

          thank you for the support! I am slowly becoming more comfortable with what I think of myself as opposed to what society thinks.

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