#WIAW- The Baking Bug

Typically the only places I like bugs are behind glass or a colored photo. I’m a screamer when it comes to even the smallest kind of creepy crawly, so even when I’ve gone camping, it usually turns into “glam ping.” (glamorous camping)

You’d think after practically being raised in the woods I’d learn to accept the bug’s life, but that is just not possible in this lifetime.

I’ll tell you about a bug that I miss catching…and that’s the one that’s associated with baking. Some people go to therapy…I bake. (when I can)

If this were 5 years ago, I would’ve transferred to the Culinary Institute faster than you can say pastry chef. I’m not a lunch or dinner kind of person, but breakfast or baking, (the two greatest B pairings in life) now THOSE are some things that make my day.

So clearly, this week I was either baking or breakfast-ing up a storm. It makes me contemplate a serious blog name change (if I wasn’t self hosted). The breakfast baker? Most likely taken. Not clever enough anyway.

It’s time to dig in…

Halloween Funfetti Cupcakes (Yes, from a box)

My sister helping with the prep…Is she my mini me? Everyone says so. I suppose the baking is the icing on the cake!

My little helper

These little thangs from my post yesterday were so-so for me, but evidently the fam bam loved them as the entire batch was gone last I checked.

I love banana and pumpkin if you couldn't recently tell

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes-pre icing

I decided I’m not going to post the recipe for these eggy zucchini breads until I have it perfected. Here’s a quick looksie though…

Cinnamon Honey Zucchini Bread

A new breakfast win…using peanut flour in recipes. I have been hearing you people RAVE about it so I ordered some. It was kind of pricey for a small bag, but I don’t even care about the cost, as I’m in love once again. (These food affairs are getting a bit out of hand, aren’t they?)

Apple Peanut Flour Omelette topped with Milled Chia and Biscoff Butter

You know it wouldn’t be a complete WIAW without some greens. So feast your palates and eyes…

I’m usually a veggie saute-er, but I decided to change it up and pop some brocc in the microwave. What a freaking difference! All thanks to a blogilates instagram pic.

Plain Jane Steamed Broccoli

I am a huge fan of backgrounds blending with food. This picture was brought to you by my T-FAL pan. Thank you for being so…YOU!

Asparagus sauteed in EVOO with a dash of lemon and sea salt

This was a welcomed surprise. Some hummus and veggies from a severely overpriced health food store. I walked in there in search of VEGA protein powder (expecting a sale…YEAH RIGHT) and walked out with these angels below. The hummus was made in house. So fresh, so clean.

Last but not least…these count as green, don’t they? 😉 Fun fact: I actually was supposed to work for this company, but due to some salary disputes, declined the offer. Kind of kicking myself now…these are not too shabby!

DAIRY FREE Tofutti Cuties- Mint Chocolate Chip

What are you eats looking like this week? Are you falling for fall? Do you bake? Are you a breakfast, lunch, linner, brinner, dinner, or dessert person?

Peace, love, and fake it til you bake it!


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7 Responses to #WIAW- The Baking Bug

  1. I fell for Fall months ago, love the winter squash that’s readily available and the weather is nice too! Although, we’re still in the 90’s here, but I’m not complaining.

    Yes, I bake, and like you, I eyeball everything. Makes for a surprise every time!

    Looks like you got the baking bug going full throttle, hope to see that zucchini bread recipe soon!

    I’m a huge fan of breakfast, but at dinner time. I also usually eat little during the day and chow down once home and comfortable. Works for me!

    Happy WIAW!

  2. Younger sister?? Just so happens I have a younger sister too! {duh!} We both like to cook though neither of us are bakers.

  3. I’m definitely a breakfast person. Breakfast for every meal would be a dream come true!

    Definitely falling for fall. Already made my requisite pumpkin and apple recipes 🙂

    My eats are the same as always. Hopefully this weekend I can experiment a little bit… maybe with quinoa!

  4. Purelytwins says:

    love breakfast and dessert 🙂
    we are so excited for fall, love the fall weather and fall foods!!

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