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This is a piggybacked post off of last week’s TTTT. It has to do with yet again…women…and being aware of our bodies.

Giuliana Rancic, E! TV Host & Breast Cancer Survivor

I was watching daytime TV yesterday (a once a year thing) and stumbled upon Giuliana Rancic speaking with NBC in regards to her breast cancer diagnosis and survival after being diagnosed.

As many of you know, the E TV show host was diagnosed late last year and came out publicly to address the situation. She’s an excellent proponent of women’s awareness when it comes to breast cancer and is a prime example of girl power and will power at the same time.

She explained how she, like anyone, was devastated upon hearing the news that she had breast cancer. She took immediate action and since it was so early in development, went forward with a double mastectomy and then reconstructive surgery. Obviously, this isn’t always the choice others have to make, but for her it was the right one.

One year later, she still stands beaming with positivity and a new lease on life.

She has teamed up with P&G today for national “Do It For The Girls” day. It’s basically to raise women’s awareness even more of how important it is to detect cancer in its earliest stages. She informs us that you actually have a 98% chance of surviving if you find breast cancer early. Check out the YouTube video for “Do It For The Girls”!

(BTW– She’s also a part of a twitter party happening today at 3 P.M. Use the hashtag #GIVEHope Twitter Party w/ @SheSpeaksUp & @PGMyGive 9/20 at 3pm ET! They are giving out $750 in prizes too! More info. on that here)

So…what is entailed with this chore for today? Basically, a feel yourself up party. Woo-Hoo.

Take 30 seconds in the shower to feel both breasts for irregularities and also perform a visual check to make sure there are no lesions, protrusions, or any kind of puss/liquids leaking from the nipple area.

Remember ladies, YOU are YOUR BEST doctor. No one else lives inside your body or your mind, but YOU.

Regardless of your age, genetics, sexual history, sexual preferences, or ethnicity, BREAST CANCER can happen to anyone. Every woman out there unfortunately has an equal opportunity of falling in it’s ruthless path. (with some of us being more susceptible due to family histories)

So be aware and please feel yourself up today…or have your significant other do it! 😉 I’ve already done mine today!

Peace, love, and breast cancer awareness!


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9 Responses to -Things To Try Thursdays- “Do It For The Girls” Campaign

  1. Great reminder for us girls to “check our girls”. I respect Giuliana Rancic for all she’s doing to bring light to cancer and early detection.

    • choc3178 says:

      absolutely! I think she’s maybe one of the few (if any) star to actually go and give everyone an in-depth look into the fight behind cancer. Truly an inspiration and a survivor.

  2. That’s wonderful that she’s raising awareness to this. I will be at work so I will not be able to participate in the twitter chat too much but maybe I’ll sneak on for a little bit 🙂

    • choc3178 says:

      I know- it’s such a fantastic cause! I am so glad I wasn’t working so I was able to catch that on the Today Show. thanks for reading! =)

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  4. i love Giuliana Rancic! I watched all of their episodes of Bill and Giuliana when she was going through her treatments and when she learned about it ,etc. they are by far the sweetest couple in the world!

  5. Kierston says:

    Great reminder. Thank you!

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