#MotivationalMondays- All The Mocha Lattes, You Gotta Do Pilates!

Ten bucks goes to whoever gets where the post title name is from.


It’s Monday, so sorry, I won’t be throwing you a bone with this one…

Nothing has changed since last week’s cop out post, besides myself getting a tad bit lazier. You know when everything hurts, all the time, and it’s a hassle to even walk up stairs? Yeah, this is the dread I’ve been experiencing.

Most would consider it a blessing in disguise, but I get seriously MAD. This whole sluggish feel is making me feel helpless in my workout routines. I’m a group ex ADDICT, and even that was too much of a challenge. Let’s see…I have no excuses here…my blood was just recently checked (thumbs up), I have no serious injuries, and luckily I have a beach-y background to save me from doting on summer’s warm and dreamy passing.

You know here at C.C.D., I won’t except any kind of NO when it comes to exercise…so I took it down (or maybe UP?) a notch, with some pilates moves!

If you aren’t familiar with pilates, it’s basically a fancy term for dance moves. Ballet and yoga moves more specifically. Oh and guess what…fun fact…A MAN (Joseph Pilates) invented these moves.

Whoa there Joey, good with your hands too, eh? 😉

I used to dance like a Black Swan when I was a child, but as I got older, everyone grew and I just grew more round (if anything.) Needless to say, I quit. Just like a million other little girls. This was all due to class bullying (You’re legs are too short, you’re too fat, you aren’t moving fast enough…etc) and also inappropriate and malicious actions from the teachers of the art.

If I could take it all back, I would. I would go right back up to my 14 year old self and say, LET YOUR HATERS BE YOUR MOTIVATORS. But alas, we do not have the capability of time travel. So I’m stuck in my room reminiscing through pilates. (which is almost JUST as good- I’m still feeling the burn and keeping rhythm!)

Here were a few hardcore moves I have been doing:

1. The Clamshell. This looks like a piece of cake, but try doing this for 4 minutes straight and you’ll see why clams are so against humans opening their shells! Can we say lactic acid?

2. “V” sit. This is a classic favorite of mine. It works your core, balance, obliques, and upper abs all at once. If you shake, you know you’re doing it right!

3. Inner and Outer thigh circles. Ladies, here’s one time where it’s actually okay to open your legs without looking like a hooker. Open them wide and begin to circle inwards and outwards. (I did these until I “felt a burn”. Counting, what?) Oh and the picture illustrates this move done with a pilates ring, but it works just as well without one!

4. Kneeling Arm and Leg Reach. This looks like a stretch, but man, these kill you if you do enough of them! I also have upped the ante and added a 5 lb. weight for extra resistance. Basically just move arm and leg up and down at the same time. A balance challenge for sure!

5. Shoulder Bridge and Press. Works gluteus, inner/outer thighs, back, and posture all in one! I think I must have done 100 of these. I also alternated between pulse-ups and holds. As always- feel free to add resistance in the form of a ring, band, weights, or just by raising one leg up and pulsing!


6. Downward dog. All you yogis out their will appreciate an oldie but a goodie move. Seriously between this and child’s pose, does stretching get any better?

So there you have it. A few tricks up my sleeve to combat this drudgery in my body. Best of all- no exhaustion afterwards! MMM MMM good!

How was your past week of workouts? DId you figure out where the post title is from yet? I’ll give you a hint: A Hennessey bottle + the VMA’s…

Peace, love, and pilates!


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3 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- All The Mocha Lattes, You Gotta Do Pilates!

  1. Omg, I loved the Pilates class I used to take at my gym when I worked at BCBS. These moves you posted look like some good ones. I’ve never been a yoga person. I feel like I always have to sweat when I’m working out. I don’t know. Maybe I should give yoga a try. I actually bought a yoga DVD but have never put it in the DVD player! Shame..I know!

    • choc3178 says:

      I agree. Up until about a year ago, I was always saying I didn’t get a workout in unless I was drenched in sweat. I have been trying different yoga/pilates DVD’s and also a few classes at my local Y, and it’s really been a delight. I used to dread yoga because it was so slow and I’m a fast paced kind of person, but actually most of the DVD’s and classes I’ve done have been very quick with the movements. Bikram is even more awesome, because you actually sweat profusely! I do these classes because it helps my herniated discs tremendously. Pop that DVD in! You may change your tune! 😉

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