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Sorry I have been blogging so late the past couple of days, like I said yesterday, I’ve been sucked into the black hole of work and scheduling.

Many people sacrifice their workouts in the replace of work. I’m sorry, but you cannot use the “I have too much on my plate” excuse. Will that ever get the weight you want to lose off of your body? Will that get you in the best shape of your life? (Maybe for your mouth and vocal cords- since you’ve complained so much about it, but nowhere else.)

Working out is important. Working out is good for our not only our bodies, but our minds. It elevates mood and must be considered as a part of any weight loss plan.

Okay, so we all are accustomed to the notion explained above, but how many of us actually are doing it? I know the majority of you reading this are workout fiends and mindful of your health, but the facts are the facts…America is STILL doing it wrong. About 1/3 of Americans are obese, and what’s even scarier? Experts suggest by 2050, this statistic will go up to 50%!

All that aside, did you know that in order to feel good you have to look good too? I know it may seem like a basic principle, but if you’re wearing crappy sneakers and clothes to the gym, you probably avoid the mirror altogether.

Why not wear clothes that will show what you have to work with while still being comfortable too?

Enter…ViewSport. Who are they? A performance apparel brand that utilizes state of the art “sweat” technology in their clothing.





What do I mean by that?

Well…when you wear one of their shirts during working out, these motivational/inspirational sayings appear on the back. They have all different ones for different shirts. They are available for men and women, and are definitely worth the expense.

I just HAD to get my hands on not 1, but 3! I ordered my first “Beast Mode” shirt about 2 months ago and was super loving the lightweight cotton material and of course the fact that my sweat was talking to me.

I went ahead and ordered these two babies right here…No One Has Ever Drowned In Their Own Sweat and Fitfluential. I ordered all in a size small and they have fit me pretty well.

These shirts are a great investment for not only your body, but your mind. It also doesn’t hurt that people stop and question you when the words on your back show through!

If you’re interested in these shirts, please go to www.viewsport.us for more information or follow them on twitter: @viewsport

What’s your experience been with workout apparel? Do you have any favorite brands?

Peace, love, and new clothes!


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  1. Love mine! You got the same one I did, twinsie! 😉 I can’t wait to get more…

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