#MotivationalMondays- Push Yourself Workout

One of the most cliched phrases when it comes to fitness and working out is, “Push Yourself.” It’s simple, narcissistic, and most of all- true.

Every time I work out, I create tiny personal goals inside my head.

“Just one more minute.”

“5 more “manly” push-ups.” or recently,

“You can, must, and WILL complete this nearly 4 mile run in 30 minutes.”

These voices are welcomed and encouraged, especially during workouts. It’s the negative devilish ones that I have a problem with. How do I combat when the bad outweigh the good?

Running faster, repping harder, or my personal favorite- turning up a jam that appropriately fits the situation.

The past week I have been feeling drabby, so it was quite difficult to even get up for a yoga class, let alone RUN.

My affair with running has actually been quite painless, almost enjoyable…until last week, when I hit a hurdle (literally) and was bedridden with exhaustion.

What got me out of bed?

With a little help from pinterest and my lovely inspirational friend, Maria, I was able to live by my latest mantra, “I’d rather be sweaty, not sorry.”

I thought about all of those not fortunate enough for natural or accidental reasons who aren’t able to run. God gave me legs, so I should use them. I should be grateful for rest days, but when not resting…if you aren’t using it, you are probably losing it. (In my case, muscle definition and endurance)

Off I was…I completed a 3.45 mile run and a combo of a few of these moves. I have decided I will also be pushing myself yet again- by hoping to reach 5 miles by October. 🙂 GOALS. GOALS. GOALS.

BTW- SIDENOTE- today is DAY NUMERO UNO of my personal 30-day Paleo Challenge. I already feel like I could eat an entire field of wheat in the Midwest, followed by some cow-tipping and indulging at a few dairy farms along the way. (HOW AM I GOING TO SURVIVE?) Encouragement, recipes, and inspiration welcomed!

What are you current fitness goals? How are you pushing yourself?

Peace, love, and pushing!


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3 Responses to #MotivationalMondays- Push Yourself Workout

  1. I know “those days” quite well. ugh. Way to step it up and not give in to the other part of you. I know that is hard since it’s a constant battle with myself very often for the same thing.

    Are you going paleo just see what it’s like or to try and change your current self? I once tried this out for a while, but then decided against it. I feel if food is found in its natural form as a “whole” and it’s safe for humans, then it hast a place in our diet. Anyway, while I was attempting this lifestyle, I wrote a blog post on grain-free cereal options. I loved cereal and these ideas helped get me through a lot of tough times. http://justaddcayenne.blogspot.com/2011/07/6-non-traditional-grain-free-cereal.html

    Have a great week,


    • choc3178 says:

      thank you, thank you! I am already freaking out that I won’t have enough recipes to keep me interested in this way of eating. I’m doing it to see if it will help with some skin issues I’ve randomly been experiencing. I’m also testing my willpower because it needed a swift kick in the a lately.

  2. I totally love you 🙂 Thank you for the shout out. And I totally feel bad for just now noticing but I had been saving all your Motivational Monday posts for one session where I had time to sit down and pin all your ideas 🙂 4 miles in 30 minutes? You will definitely be faster than me! I’m a 10 minute mile girl…Unless I’m in a race then I seem to have a bit more speed in my legs. I think it’s the adrenaline and excitment of running with other runners!

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