-Things To Try Thursdays- Cho Some Lovin To Chobani Soho!

For those of you who follow me on twitter you probably noticed several of these sorts of tweets from me over the past few days:

Yup, we can safely say (well maybe not safely)- that Chobani is on the list of inanimate objects/foods I’d like to wed. (along with homemade cinnamon bread, dark chocolate, and hummus…)

It was extremely hard for me to restrain myself from photo dumping on instagram yesterday. Luckily my phone died and I ended up only getting two photos up…so there wasn’t too much jealousy.

Yes, so I just jumped right into that without explaining the details. Basically yesterday my tastebuds were once again astounded.

My cousin and I took a trip into the city to the new Chobani flagship store in SOHO. I was beaming with so much anticipation that I actually forgot my cover up (bad day for pics!) but remembered my metro card! (for once!)

We arrived to the store around 1 P.M. and were greeted with this…

It appeared as though the Chobani sign was literally a gift from God as its elevation shines so angelic in the sky. (if you didn’t know- I worship food and yes it’s most definitely a religion)

Then- like the tourists we were-proceeded to take a bajillion pics of outside and inside the store. Do you believe we were the only ones doing this? I mean this actually received tons of press coverage! TODAY SHOW status people!

But yet- we were the only ones ecstatic. Most of the patrons inside were in business attire and acted like it was a regular day. The smiles seemed to be nonexistent. For an introvert- I was probably the giddiest one in the place. SHOCK-ER.

I will say that the staff in there is super friendly and chipper. We dealt with almost all of them. The way it works is you walk in- and similar to the Apple store– someone walks up to you and asks what you’d like to order with an iPhone in hand. All credit card orders are processed through the Square app- which I happen to be a giant fan of. I’m not so sure about the cash part.

Uh oh…your staff is showing! (loving this see through kitchen!)

Anyway- for my first order (oh yes- there was a second) I ordered the pistachio and chocolate. It took about 4 minutes for them to create and then voila! THIS…

Onto the second tasting…I ended up going for the turkish fig, honey, and walnut. (Yes- my sweet tooth wasn’t satisfied yet.) Seriously- did not disappoint.

My cousin had the pineapple and coconut for her first and the pita chips with cucumber/mint for her second. Both fabgasmic!

We also inquired about jobs there because I am just that obsessed and have been looking for what seems like forever! They probably hated us after the second order and then not being able to properly put the tops back on the glass jars. Apparently there is a “knack” to it and I just don’t have it. I still blew them a kiss and said “I’ll be back” but in a 4’11- not so schwarzenegger kind of way…if that makes any sense.

More things I loved:

-reusable glass jars- you get 25 cents off your order if you reuse them!

-the decor (I would describe it as rustic chic!)

-the location (in between Prince & West Broadway)

-regular yogurt available as well- they have their store flavors in there too- I believe it’s only their smaller ones (6 or 8 oz?)

-they use non-fat plain chobani as the base for all of their creations

So all of you whether you reside in Australia, Canada, or NY, you must go… Stalk this place. It should be on your list of things to see- right next to Columbus Circle and just before the Empire State.

Peace, love, and flagships!


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3 Responses to -Things To Try Thursdays- Cho Some Lovin To Chobani Soho!

    I’m totally in love and I haven’t even been there yet!!! Dude…….it is totally #1 on my list for the next time I visit NYC. I can’t NOT go there! *swoon*
    Oh, and the picture of your turkish fig honey and walnut one….look closely. It looks like you are posing the Chobani in front of the guy on purpose! Looks like you’re giving him a Chobani skirt! πŸ˜‰ LOL

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