Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop!

Okay, cheesy intro title, I know. If you think this a post dedicated to Pringles-, sadly- you are mistaken.

The kind of pops I’m referring to are the ones that are cold, made in less than 5 minutes, and super yummy!

I have had a surplus of fruit in my fridge these past few weeks and most of it had started to reach the stage of unedible. The ones that were able to be salvaged- I froze.

I thought it would be the perfect combo. of summer and saving if I froze the fruit and was able to make yet another healthy snack. (Don’t you get bored of the standard fruit medley?)

So…that being said, I prepared some fruit cubes! I used whole strawberries in fear of losing their sweetness during freezing. I also poured over Ocean Spray Diet Blueberry/Pomegranate juice as well. (I know you are all raising an eyebrow to that- as I don’t drink anything juice-y or bottled if I don’t witness the process myself…sometimes you have to use what you have…even if it’s sucralose and not really “real” fruit…ugh that killed me to type!)

The result was this:

P.S.– anyone else reminded of the scene in Jurassic Park when they take out the fossilized ball of a mosquito- which apparently was the reason for the dinosaurs in the first place?

No? Just me. Okay. Moving on…

I used these in a cold glass of water one day- kind of similar to a fruit infused water- minus all the marketing and HFCS. The taste kept getting better and better as the ice kept melting and melting.

I also threw in a few into my smoothie which gave it that freezing cold taste- completely necessary on 104 degree days!

After the fruit cubes were finished, I tackled some fruit pops. I know, I know. BIG Leagues!

I kid you not when I say I haven’t made homemade icepops/fudgesicles/fruit pops since my Nickelodeon watching days! They always made for the perfect snack for a Snick at Night sleepover!

The base I used was a creamy yet light almond milk in original flavor. I blended (separately) mango, strawberry, banana, and then blueberry. Poured ’em into the molds, froze ’em, and voila! (2.5 hours later)…

They weren’t overbearingly sweet and the best of all- I know the ingredients in them! (No mono/diglycerides or HFCS here!)

I can already tell these will be my next “kick” because I devoured them in less than 4 minutes.

Next time- I’ll add some protein powder, flax/chia, and possibly even some oats!

Have you made fruit/ice pops yet this season? What ingredients did/would you use?

Peace, love, and pops!


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7 Responses to Once You Pop, The Fun Don’t Stop!

  1. Miz says:

    it hath been a summer of fruit pops.
    BUTBUTBUT none as, uh, pretty as yours 🙂
    we messy….

  2. Although they look fantastic and tasty, I haven’t made pops in a while. I am just too stuck on making veggie and fruit protein mixes and eating with a cup and spoon.

    But the almond milk with stevia, vanilla protein and orange juice would make a great healthy creamsicle.

    Happy WIAW!

  3. Elle @TheWay says:

    I like to make fruit “ice cream” in my Vitamix. I use a bag of frozen fruit, almond milk, and a little agave nectar, honey, or stevia if it is a sour fruit like raspberries (my favorite). It is perfect for these excruciating hot days! We have been up in the triple digits again this week, though it is supposed to “cool down” to the mid 90s. Where is fall??? ; )

  4. LOLOLOL!!! Yeah, Jurrasic Park…that was a good one. 🙂
    I totally get tired of the same ole fruit medley…that’s why we juice ’em once they begin to reach that stage! (I totally can’t wait for you to get one and get hooked on the juicing craze!!)
    So…I’m totally gonna be all over these the minute I invest in some ice pop molds!!

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