#WIAW- All In A Day’s Eats

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the world’s unhealthiest man.

Thanks to Jenn as always for hosting! 🙂

I’m not going to go all “biggest loser” on you, but seriously, you are what you eat. I have been a living example of a piece of cake, doughnut, and am now maybe more of an ice cream cone. (a chocolate protein packed ice cream cone of course!)

My physique has stretched and condensed all through my fast food youth, college binges, and now is in a better state as I can calm in tread water thanks to all my healthy eating habits I’ve learned along the way.

Occassionally, I start feeling (and looking) like a piece of cake, so that’s when I know it’s indeed time to manipulate my diet for better results.

Shockingly, I tend to gain weight when I don’t eat 4-6 meals per day. That whole thing about how your body is a furnace and needs fuel every 3-4 hours…yeah, that’s actually true.

Over the past few weeks, I just haven’t been hungry. At first I thought it was my protein powder and fish oils combined with the heat, but then I tried eliminating those and still had no desire to eat like the voracious heathen I am.

I noticed my shorts began to feel snugger and that when I started running my thighs were beginning to resemble the ghost in ghostbusters again. That being said, I decided to clean up my diet this past week and it seems to be working (so far) and also FORCING myself to eat. I haven’t weighed myself or anything- I honestly don’t believe in scales- they set you up for more failure than success. Instead, I use my clothes as a guide and also a handy dandy mirror. Nothing fancy schmancy here!

I forced myself to eat (sometimes you just have to) and this is what the outcome was:

Breakfast– I’ve been alternating between smoothies and eggs. I am not a ketchup fan, but tried the trend of sriracha and was kind of hooked! The smoothie was made with Sunwarrior protein powder, banana, flax, cinnamon puffins, ice, macadamia cookie coffee, and a few blueberries thrown in for garnish.

Also…this was kind of a breakfast fail…whenever I make coconut flour pancakes of any kind they ALWAYS fall a part no matter what I put in. Any tips on how to make them NOT do this?

Here were some side dish snacks I threw together:

-Avocado, Blueberries, Cukes with some distilled vinegar and agave

-Sweet corn and mushroom saute with black pepper and light butterSunButter (from my foodie pen pal this month!) with some frozen fruit hit the spot at around 930 P.M. when my sweet tooth never fails to kick in!

Here was a quick salad I made: Mashed up mango, cucumbers, spinach, and grilled chicken with some vinegar and EVOO to top it off (love fruit in my salads- don’t you?)

It wouldn’t be a complete #WIAW without some obsession love. So this week’s shout out goes out to Chobani Vanilla Chocolate Chunk in the 16 oz. size. SCORE! Also- these little buggers from TJ Maxx – Bruschettini. I ate them right out of the bag with no shame when the end was finished in a sitting. (Sometimes you just have to, you know?)

If you want some fitness inspiration, you can always check me out every Monday with my #MotivationalMondays posts. This week’s workout was plies, planks, and push-ups!

What do you do when your appetite is just not there?

Peace, love, and healthy appetites!


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5 Responses to #WIAW- All In A Day’s Eats

  1. Chocolate protein ice cream? I’m sold, I’ll have a 5lb tub please!

    Great eats. Have you tried egg or chia seeds soaked in you pancake batter for 10 min before cooking? Maybe that would hold them together?

    With no appetite but the need to eat, I opt for drinking a homemade fruit and veg protein smoothie. So good, then I want more!

    Happy WIAW!

  2. rachel says:

    where do you buy the macadamia cookie coffee!! ive been looking for those kcups everywhere!

    • choc3178 says:

      I found it in bed bath and beyond but you can also find it in tj maxx/marshalls. if all else fails, amazon usually has everything!

  3. those eggs and potatoes look totally yummy!

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