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During last night’s #FitFluential chat, it dawned on me that I had never actually reviewed my favorite protein powder on here before. If you missed the #FitFluential chat, it was regarding soy and soy protein and all the benefits/myths involved with the subject. (I’ve never personally tried soy protein powder as I am not a fan of the taste/texture of soy any way.)

If you follow me on twitter (@cdean17) you know how much I. Love. Chocolate. I dream, eat, and breathe it. Every morning like a pothead who needs to “wake and bake” immediately, I need to be nom-ming on something chocolate flavored…immediately. (Just ask my boyfriend if he likes my Jekyll or Hyde side better.)

I’m sure if you’ve never used protein powder before you are either classifying it as:

1) a gimmick
2) a way for “roiders” to extend their “rages”
3) synthetically made, so it can’t be healthy

Protein powder has been used for decades, especially when it came to men wanting to bulk up and eventually women as well. I think it was somewhere between Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Rock that protein powder may have gained its “meaty” stigma.





When it comes to women, lots of us fear “bulking up.” (For me, this was never the case, as I actually desired a muscular body. Weights > cardio any day!) We plow away on our cardio machines, sweat out our stresses of the day, and feel satisfied knowing we burned 420 calories and can now not feel so guilty for the evening dessert patiently awaiting us in the fridge. We are also beyond exhausted and look like we crapped our pants sometimes as we sorely stumble off the machines.

Well…did you know…protein powder can actually prevent those muscle aches and add in more energy…WITHOUT bulking you up?

And…there are also so many vegan/natural versions out there, you don’t have to worry about doing any further harm to your body!

Lastly…nearly half of all women these days aren’t consuming the amounts of protein their body needs in order to function properly…this is a no-brainer way to get that daily value in!

Just like in weight loss, there is no “magic pill” to become “bulky” overnight. Most of the protein powders out there today are formulated for daily consumption and unless you are participating in a body-building competition, all you’ll have to worry about is all of the different options available to have it in.

My personal favorite brand (NOT PAID FOR IN ANY WAY TO VOICE MY OPINION) is Sun Warrior protein powder. I had first heard of them about 6 months ago when I began my blog. (I use Warrior Blend…purchased at Vitamin Shoppe for around $40.)

Before Sun Warrior, I grouped protein powders in as a “man’s thing” and worse than eating 3 packs of chalk. I used to use Muscle Milk (chocolate flavor) and it left an undesirable taste behind. So it had been approximately 3 years since I’d been educated and also palate-pleased.

I received 3 samples of Sun Warrior (chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry) and immediately began experimenting. I only used about 1/4 of each packet and made a smoothie, protein bars, and overnight oats with the packages. (I tried to be as versatile as possible!)

I fell in love with chocolate flavor first, vanilla second, and strawberry third.

I use Sun Warrior in smoothies, baked goods, and even coffee! The texture is silky smooth and the taste isn’t half bad.

Sun Warrior is formulated with these main ingredients (according to website):

-raw pea protein

-raw cranberry protein

-raw hemp protein

-coconut MCTs




It’s also vegan, contains NO GMO’s, or artificial anything. It contains antioxidants and is easy to digest. It is also 84 calories per scoop and it’s all good for you!

To see a complete ingredient profile, head here: Sun Warrior

You can also view the link above for stores where Sunwarrior is sold if you’re like me and not into paying for shipping! Check out their website anyway for tips, subscriptions, and upcoming events!

Do you currently use protein powder? What is it derived from? Does it have an after taste? 

Peace, love, and protein!


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2 Responses to -Things To Try Thursdays- Sun Warrior Chocolate Protein Powder

  1. Cara says:

    Wow, thank you for this post! I’ve always viewed protein powder as the same thing, especially after witnessing my brother’s collection of them in a giant cabinet :O! I am a HUGE chocolate lover too (I swear, there should be a chocolate lovers group) so this sounds awesome! As a vegetarian (soon to vegan), I love looking for new ways to incorporate protein into my diet, so this was great 🙂

    • choc3178 says:

      you are welcome, thank you for reading! yes…chocolate needs to be a food group already!! Sun Warrior is a great option for vegans too…if you are worried about taste you can always e-mail them and ask for samples before purchasing!

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